She Spent Thousands To Get America’s Biggest Breasts, What She Wants To Do Now IS….


This busty beauty is telling fans to be careful what they wish for.

Neyleen Ashley, a 33-year-old Florida-based social media influencer, is aware of how crucial it is for her to have the ideal “look,” which is why, since turning 18, she has had multiple breast augmentation procedures.

In order to have the “biggest breasts in the US,” Ashley underwent three surgeries. However, she now claims that the 1,250 cc implants, the “largest legal implant size available in the US,” are harming her health. She claims that her large breasts are the cause of her back pain and migraines.

Neyleen, on the other hand, lives in Florida, where the plastic surgery industry is known for pushing the boundaries of what is considered acceptable or safe, although there is no legal limit on the size of breast implants allowed by the FDA, most plastic surgeons will not go beyond 450 to 500 CC during surgeries.

But the sports ginormous 1,250 CC implants — the “largest legal implant size available in the US.” implants are causing issues for other people as well. She claims that the over $17,000 She can’t perform her workout regimen because of them.

The model claims that she will have them removed and replaced with smaller ones. She acknowledges that her breasts are her “money makers,” though.

“I’ve always suffered from horrific migraines, but they got worse three years ago,” Neyleen said. “Almost every day, my upper shoulders and tendons have a lot of tension, and it feels like my shoulders and neck are stretched. My boobs also stop me from running and exercising. I plan on getting my implants completely removed and doing a fat draft, or just getting a smaller implant instead.”

“Several doctors have advised me that it will be major surgery, where I will have a lot of scarring and tissue removed,” she said.

When Neyleen posted a video about her pain on TikTok, her struggles with her large breasts became public. She received hundreds of thousands of likes on a post in which she complained about the pain caused by the world’s largest breast.

Across the screen, in the video, Neyleen sends the words Me getting the biggest legal implants you can get in the US”

“My constant back pains, migraines and wanting to remove them,” the following words come across the screen, while poses in discomfort for the camera.

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