She Spend Thousands To Turn Herself Into A Dragon And The End Result Is Beyond All…


A tattoo addict went almost blind after undergoing an agonizing procedure to turn her eyes blue.

Amber Luke developed an addiction to tattoos at the age of 16, and by the time she was 23 years old she had over 50 tattoos on her body, including her blue-colored eyeballs!

“As soon as I turned 16, I was inspired by those around me to get tattooed. I craved to know what the feeling was like,” she said in her interview with Daily Mail. “I developed an addiction at sixteen years of age. By the time I hit eighteen, I already had three tattoos. And when I turned eighteen, I decided to get my first big piece.”

Amber, who is from Central Coast in New South Wales, Australia has reportedly spent more than $10,000 on her body transformation.

Some of her extreme body modifications include tongue splits and earlobes stretches. She also has more than 200 tattoos from head to toe and has had breast augmentation, cheek and lip fillers, and ear implants.

The body piercer, while talking to Daily Mail Australia, said that she has “no regrets whatsoever” of what she has done with her body, adding: “‘I’m absolutely in love with my image.”

Amber had the whites of her eyes tattooed in a rare radical procedure called scleral tattooing. This is the process whereby the white part of the human eye is tinted with dye injected between the two layers of the eye, where it spreads out over a large area.

Scleral tattooing has been known to cause loss of vision, severe permanent pain, and can even result in the loss of an eye. Since scleral tattooing is still a new body modification, the potential long-term effects of the procedure are still unknown.

“The procedure for getting my eyes done was only forty minutes. It was very intense and very painful. My eyes got held open while a syringe was injected into my eye four times per eye. I was blind for three weeks.”

Amber also had her tongue split in order to more closely resemble a dragon. Tongue bifurcation is a surgical procedure in which the tongue is from its tip to the underside base, creating a forked end. Again, it is a painful procedure with potentially dangerous outcomes such as severe bleeding, infection, inflammation, and lingual nerve damage.

Amber has admitted that she is addicted to tattooing and body modification, and has no regrets about any of the procedures she has undergone to achieve her dream.

Amber has confessed that she loves her exotic image and that when she sees old photos of herself, she finds herself “boring”

“I absolutely hated the way I used to look. I was boring.”

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