She Murdered The Man Who Raped Her And She’s Facing Decades In Prison…


A young single mother in Mexico, finds herself facing a murder charge after defending herself against a man who sexually assaulted her, leaving her uncertain of her fate and the future of her child.

Roxana Ruiz, at the tender age of twenty-one, has endured a lifetime of pain that most adults couldn’t fathom. Being a single mother, her daily struggle is not only for herself but for the safety and well-being of her child. However, a horrifying encounter on May 8th in Nezahualcóyotl, Mexico, amplified her trials when a man violated the sanctity of her home and subjected her to a horrific sexual assault.

Ruiz admitted to authorities that in the aftermath of the ordeal, she ended the life of the assailant, Sinai Cruz. Although many argue that Ruiz was acting in self-defense, the unforgiving hand of Mexican law enforcement chose to view her as a criminal. They arrested and charged her with murder, leaving her facing the prospect of six decades in a Mexican prison for the act of defending herself within her own home.

On May 8th, Ruiz was apprehended by the Mexican authorities, the very same day she defended herself from her attacker. The charge leveled against her was nothing less than homicide. Now, she stands on the precipice of a courtroom battle, where she must defend her actions in front of a judge. If the court finds her guilty of protecting herself from her attacker, she could potentially serve thirty to sixty years in prison.

In a letter to the feminist collective Nos Queremos Vivas Neza, Ruiz laid bare the circumstances leading up to the tragic incident. As per her account, she was leaving her work at a potato stand when a woman from a nearby bar invited her for a drink. After leaving the bar, Cruz, a regular patron, offered to accompany her home where she lived with her four-year-old son.

Upon arrival, Cruz coerced Ruiz into inviting him to stay the night under the pretext of living far away.

Describing the incident, Ruiz wrote, “He was being stubborn when we arrived. He obligated me to allow him in… He insisted so much that he scared me, as an idiot, I accepted.”

She tried to make him comfortable by setting a bed on the floor, but as she settled down to rest, he attacked her.

Reliving the terrifying moments, she continued, “He started to remove the clothes (,) he beat me, he raped me, I was in shock, I just wanted to defend myself.”

In her struggle, she managed to land a blow on Cruz’s nose, causing him to bleed. This, in turn, provoked him to threaten her life, saying, “Now you are really going to die.”

Desperate and fearing for her life, Ruiz seized a T-shirt and strangled her attacker to death.

In her letter, she conveyed the terror she felt at that moment: “I strangled him, I felt fear, terror, I didn’t want him to hurt anyone else, I felt lonely, denigrated, I felt worthless, I felt it was all my fault for having trusted those people.”

Sadly, the authorities failed to provide Ruiz with a medical examination to verify the assault. Instead, she was immediately indicted for murder.

“They did not take my statement into account so that I could defend myself. My only crime was defending myself from the man who raped me,” Ruiz wrote, expressing her despair. “Maybe I should have let my attacker get away with it, go away and maybe leave me dead or injured so as not to have to live what I’m living.”

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