She Saw A Dog Without A Leash, What She Did Next IS Absolutely Horrific!


A distressing video of an aging woman threatening to call the police on an Asian man for walking an unleashed dog has gone viral on social media.

The incident, which occurred in New York City, saw the woman lure the animal onto a busy highway to prove her point, while allegedly telling its owner to go back to his “own country.”

According to the footage, the unidentified woman was having issues with the fact that the canine was not on a leash, so she confronted its owners. To school them on leash policies, she tried to lure their pet into the heavy traffic, threatening its life.

“Have you never heard of a leash in the city?” the first woman asks. “We’ll wait for the police to clear it up.”

As Daily Mail notes, the dog’s owner, an Asian man whose name was also not revealed, repeatedly calls the woman “Karen” throughout the video. Moreover, he accuses her of racial discrimination, claiming she had told him to “go back from where he came from” before he started filming.

“Which country should I go back to, Karen? Say it,” he said. “Cat got your tongue?”

Then to take her rage one step further, the so-called Karen threatens to call the police before she starts clapping her hands and inviting the dog into the street.

When she doesn’t succeed at first, the woman tries again to lure the dog into traffic. When she finally gets the dog to follow her into the dangerous scenario, the pet owner is forced to chase after his dog to rescue it from certain death.

One bystander calls out the “Karen” for her horrible behavior.

“You’re actually instigating a dog to go to the middle of a highway? What kind of problem do you have, lady?” the female bystander asks. “You insult someone of Asian descent … Why don’t you go back [to] where you came from? Who are you? Leave people alone.”

“Karen” then approaches an NYPD patrol car, trying to involve them in the fight. However, it remains unclear whether they took action to solve the situation.

Dog owners must have their pets leashed while in public according to New York City’s Department of Sanitation. The fine for violating the rule variates between $200 and $400.

Although the owner of the dog was in the wrong for walking his four-legged friend unleashed, the woman’s reaction was obviously unreasonable and could have led to a fatal end for the innocent animal.

Watch the video below for more details:

Sources: AWM, DailyMail

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