New Report Reveals Obama May Have Known About Biden’s Shady Business Dealings The Whole Time…


Allegations of the Biden family leveraging Joe Biden’s political position for personal financial gain, potentially involving former President Obama, call for a thorough investigation into possible abuses of power and the influence of political connections on personal finances.

Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, James Comer, expressed his concerns to the Washington Times, implying that even former President Obama may have been aware of these questionable activities.

During Biden’s vice presidency, he traveled to various countries, including China, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, and Mexico. Everywhere Biden set foot, members of his family, namely Hunter and James Biden, and their associates were close behind, securing lucrative business deals. Comer has tirelessly examined thousands of bank records that indicate a suspicious flow of payments to nine Biden family members connected to these foreign deals.

Biden’s tenure as vice president saw his family’s bank accounts flourish in parallel with his diplomatic visits. Comer believes there are likely more companies, banks, and Bidens involved than initially realized. As he told Lou Dobbs of the Great America Show, there’s a strong possibility that Obama was aware of these questionable transactions.

Comer argues that Obama, recognizing the potential political liabilities posed by Hunter Biden’s overseas dealings, may have been hesitant to endorse Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign. In Comer’s view, Obama likely feared potential damage to his own legacy, not just the Democratic Party and our country.

This speculation raises a critical question – how deep did Obama’s knowledge of the Biden family’s activities go, and could it have influenced his reluctance to endorse Biden? Furthermore, was Obama privy to the coverups that may have occurred within his administration?

Comer believes it’s time for Obama to face questioning under oath about his awareness of Biden’s foreign policy dealings. If true, this paints a worrying picture of the Biden family exploiting diplomatic connections for personal financial gain.

In addition, Comer has expressed concerns about alleged witness intimidation by Hunter Biden’s legal team. These strong-arm tactics could create a chilling effect, preventing crucial witnesses from coming forward.

As the Department of Justice discusses potential criminal charges with Hunter Biden’s lawyers, it’s becoming clear that this investigation is far from over. Interestingly, the House Ways and Means Committee recently granted an IRS whistleblower permission to testify about political interference in Hunter Biden’s tax investigation.

One revelation from the ongoing investigation is an email warning Hunter Biden of unpaid taxes on $400,000 of income from Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings, dating back to 2014. Eric Schwerin, the business associate who sent this email, is now cooperating with Comer’s investigation.

All these troubling revelations underscore the need for a thorough and impartial investigation. The American people deserve transparency and accountability, particularly when it concerns potential abuses of power at the highest levels of our government.

Sources: ConvervativeBrief, Washington Times

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