She Hunted Down The Thug That Store Her Car And Made Him Pay BIG….


A Detroit woman took matters into her own hands to recover her stolen car. She tracked the suspect down and then physically confronted him.

Bianca Chambers refused to wait for the police to track down the suspected thief who stole her Mercedes Benz, so she took matters into her own hands.

According to Chambers, the car was stolen on Monday, July 12, from Eight Mile Road and Woodward Avenue. She immediately went on a pursuit of the person responsible.

Chambers posted about her stolen car on Facebook and the post went viral. She used social media tips to track her car throughout the city. At one point, the thief hit up the strip mall where she owns a boutique. She tracked her car for three days, calling the police each time she found it. But by the time law enforcement arrived at the scene, the thief was gone.

“You’re the dumbest criminal of all,” Chambers said of the 19-year-old suspect, Michael Tolbert. “I’m the wrong one. Cops going to find you. You’re a thief – a thief.”

The suspect was identified as 19-year-old Michael Tolbert.

The final time she found it, Chambers took matters into her own hands, Fox 5 Atlanta reports. When the alleged thief boldly made a stop at the barbershop on Wednesday, Chambers decided to pull up on him.

“At that point, I was like…I’m not letting this man walk again,” she said.

Chambers live-streamed the experience from outside the barbershop at Greenfield and Grand River.

“He’s at 7 Days West, getting his dreds twisted,” she said in a Facebook Live while watching her car. She even slashed all four tires so he didn’t flee again.

“They was driving, they was having a good time, they was smoking but, yes, when I got my car, it was very clean,” Chambers said, noting that the suspected thief had the car detailed.

Bianca Chambers

A video shows the confrontation that took place inside the barbershop between Chambers and the alleged car thief. He initially denied being the driver of the car and that’s when Chambers snapped.

She continued to probe the teenager online and found this wasn’t the first time he was accused of stealing a vehicle. Upon retrieving her vehicle, Chambers was surprised to find it remarkably clean.

“They was driving, they was having a good time, they was smoking but, yes, when I got my car, it was very clean,” she said. It later emerged that the teenager had gotten the car detailed.

Chambers admittedly put her hands on the suspect during the confrontation. However, the suspect on remand allegedly does not want to press charges for the physical assault. Police said the person was being held on the allegation of receiving stolen property.

Watch the video below for more details:

Sources: Taphaps, WJBK,  Fox 5 Atlanta

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