He Was Taking Photos On The Beach Of His Pregnant Wife, Then Someone Showed Up That….


Every time you wanted to snap a photo back in the day, you had to carry a bulky camera and a roll of film around with you.

Additionally, most pictures weren’t captured by chance. Some couldn’t afford to waste film, so the cameraman would line everyone up and make them pose before he clicked the shutter.

In the digital era, however, people may now take beautiful images with their smartphones and upload them to social media sites where anybody can view and comment.

Hundreds of photographs taken just a few seconds apart are currently available on Facebook.

But what makes a photo truly spectacular these days? Well, that may be a tough question to answer, but I’m sure the photo a Florida man took of his pregnant wife will amaze you.

Dan Mozer was directing his wife, Angela, to stand by the beach for a picture; the couple was planning to grab some great maternity photos at the beach when something breathtaking happened.

At the exact moment, he captured his wife’s maternity photo, a dolphin jumped out of the water.

The soon-to-be father, Dan, told Yahoo! Parenting saying, Someone started yelling to us that there were dolphins, and we could see their dorsal fins.”

Dan and Angela tried taking photos a week before, but it had started raining. So they planned to take pictures the following at Atlantic Beach when it was nice and sunny. The photo was just meant to be. “When I took it, I was like, oh my God! Unfortunately, [my wife] totally missed it,” Dan said.

As if to punctuate its gift to the couple, the dolphin leaped out of the water not once, but twice!

“The dolphin actually jumped twice, but I liked the first jump picture best, how quickly I forget how magical a dolphin jumping out of the water is! Now I’m picking my favorite jump!”  Dan said.

News4JAX picked up their story when they shared the specific moment on Instagram and went with it. Then, people began suggesting dolphin-related baby names for them.

“And, no, We’re not changing his name, as some have suggested, to Dolph Finn,” Dan added.

A few months later, in February, their boy was born. Instead of the flood of dolphin-themed proposals from the public, they gave him the name Courtland Thomas Mozer.

News4JAX, who posted the image on their Instagram page with a post that got so far with more than 9,000 likes and hundreds of comments, added the following caption for the photobombing water mammal, “A once in a lifetime shot. Viewer Dan Mozer shared this image of his wife Angeline as they were taking maternity shots at Atlantic Beach.”

Here are some comments from people online:

“Truly beautiful and magnificent a once-in-a-lifetime photo shot God bless you and your family.”

“Incredible sign, this baby is going to be a mover and shaker of the world.”

“Wow! You can tell your child that the dolphin is celebrating his or her coming birth which may actually be true!”

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