Republicans Pass Bill Banning Sharia Law With ZERO Democrat Votes


Republicans in Montana passed a bill that will outlaw Sharia Law and they did it without any democratic votes or support.

The bill that will ban Sharia Law for good passed in the Montana House of Representatives. It passed 56-44. Republicans supported the bill stating that it upholds the constitution and democrats opposed it because it, “targets Muslims.”

Apparently we need to stop fighting radical Islam because our efforts to keep this radical thinking and belief system away from America is very xenophobic. This tolerance thing is getting way out of hand and creating a very weird atmosphere… to say the least…

Democrats were very upset over the new bill…

From WNP Insider:

“I think it sends a dangerous message to minority groups both here living in our state and wanting to come visit our state, just merely on the fact that you may be different,” said Rep. Shane Morigeau, D-Missoula, “I truly believe this law is repugnant. I believe this is not who we are as Montanans.”

Rep. Ellie Hill Smith (D-Missoula) said,

“The courts have said that laws that single out certain religions violate the First Amendment,” before making the claim that it was “peppered with anti-Muslim bigotry.”

Bills specifically outlawing Sharia Law have passed in North Carolina, Alabama, Arizona, Kansas, Louisiana, South Dakota, and Tennessee. The Montana bill waits for Gov. Steve Bullock signature.

Is it hard to believe that 44 Democrats voted against the banning of laws that have no place in our country? We only have one law and that is the Constitution. Wake up Democrats before its too late. Where are the Democrats that we used to have that believed in America?

How can you stand up for women’s rights and march for women while at the same time being “tolerant” of Sharia law?? Women don’t have rights under Sharia law! Wake up!

20 thoughts on “Republicans Pass Bill Banning Sharia Law With ZERO Democrat Votes

  1. Congress should pass a law stating that no spiritual based belief can enjoy Constitutional protections if its scriptures, holy books, and predominant scholars all promote killing apostates, those who refuse to believe in that “religion”, those who impede the mission to convert non-believers, and to promote death against homosexuals and women who are unfairly persecuted. Any of these is good enough for such a sanction while the muslim faith is more than suspect as a genuine “religion” by having ALL of these inhuman and unholy beliefs. I say to Congress, show your ingenuity and guts and make Islam a pseudo religion that no longer enjoys the 1st Amendment. Scientology promotes pestering those who give up their belief and leave the cult, even into their old age, but at least they don’t issue fatwas and promote murder and “honor” killings, like the muslims. Democrats! You are hypocrites! Here is your number one enemy and you hug them like you gave birth to them.

    1. Individuals, not religions, carry out inhuman acts …!

      Islam is definitely not a violent religion. No religion of the world preaches violence. Islam preaches the message of Allah. Which is …

      “If you kill one person unjustly it is as if you killed the whole humanity, and if you saved one person it is as if you saved the whole humanity.” (Quran Surah 5 Verse No 32)

      So how can Islam not be peaceful …???

      It’s just propaganda that Islam is a violent religion. The so called “Contractors of Peace” propagate against Islam when they failed to spread peace in the world.

      Can you please give me the answer that is Christianity a peaceful religion …??? If yes, then why did George W. Bush attack Afghanistan, Iraq, and destroy the peace of the world …??? While he is not Muslim he is a Christian. With that said peace or violence is not the monopoly of only ONE religion. There are people in every religion who destroyed the identity of a religion by their unfair acts or actions.

      1. Rachel, you only have to see and read and watch the news to know that the Islamic faith is not peaceful, nor is it a “religion of peace”. Regardless of the verse you quote here, there are several other verses that say “kill the infidel”, “kill the Jews”. Under Sharia law women have no rights. Under Sharia Law gays are killed. We don’t need or want that in Montana.

      2. As for George Bush attacking those countries, he was after Osama bin Laden and the Islamic terrorists known as Al Queda, who attacked the Pentagon and the Twin Towers on 9/11/2001. Apparently, you’ve forgotten!

    2. The last I looked the Ten Commandment that says …”Thou shalt not kill …” — DOES NOT have any exceptions to that rule …! Nor did the Almighty ever condone any of the killings, wars, terrorism, and such in the Bible …! All He said was that if we had faith, an believed in Him that He would protect, defend us from ALL our enemies …! The fact remains that WE still DO NOT …!

    3. Islam is not a religion, it is in fact a idealogy..
      A system of ideas and ideals, especially one that forms the basis of economic or political theory and policy.
      And if you check it was outlawed in the United States Of America in 1952. And yes tjis law is still valid and pn the books. They just need someone with the BALLS to enforce it.

    1. My, My!!! The David Duke crowd is out in force today! Cross Burning, Synagogue Bombing fundraising tea must have been cancelled this afternoon.

      1. Rachel if you think that Islam is so peaceful and tolerant, you should move into a Muslim neighborhood dress like you would normally dress and go about your daily business. See home long these tolerant, peaceful people wait before they show you what they tink of and do to infidels, especially females. You may want to read the whole koran, instead of cherrypicking passages that appear to support your uninformed liberal view!

      2. You don’t have to be a card carrying member of the KKK to know and educate yourself on Islam and Sharia Law. Sharia Law has no place in a free Society. It is a suppressive law where WOMEN have no rights, GAYS are stoned to death, UNBELIEVERS are beheaded. This is what Sharia Law does. Look around you, this jihad IS ISLAM!

  2. Why did Montana outlaw sharia? Because the Koran says that a good and true muslim cannot make a true friend with an infidel…….or that you may lie (i.e. “Taqiyya”) in order to further Jihad, sharia, or other muslim enterprises……or you may kill anyone, including a fellow muslim, if they impede anyone carrying out Jihad………or you may kill a woman for adultery without her being able to fairly defend herself in court………..or you may take the children from this woman to remain in your household with your other wives………or you may divorce a woman by saying “I divorce you” three times and getting a certificate from a jerk like this idiot……..or you can kill any muslim who decides to renounce their faith…….or you can kill an infidel who refuses to believe in Allah/Islam or be enslaved or taxed if refusing to submit to Allah’s laws in an al-Darb state where sharia or the caliphate prevails…….and the Koran tells all muslims that they are supposed to dominate America with enough baby-bearing women to outvote Americans and to promote sharia until power is great enough to make America a caliphate and run by muslim law. You do-gooders who want us to turn the other cheek and show “tolerance”, like the Rabbi and the woman in a New York demonstration, with them even wearing signs that say “I am a Muslim too”, had better stand by because you don’t understand the seriousness of this problem. This is no joke nor is it close to being an example of opening our arms out to “multiculturalism”. Don’t worry, the “Three Percenters” have got your six!

    1. How do you guys all get out of the asylum? Group pass?

      Educating oneself frees the mind of prejudice and ignorance regarding other cultures and religions. Take some time to learn about the religion of the Muslims, and you too will come to see a Beautiful Islam.

  3. The Qur’an is the Bible, and Sharia Law is the 10 Commandments …! Just goes to show how many of you know Your Bible …!

    The Qu’ran is based on Jewish writings before they were compiled into the Talmud …!

    The fact that the Quran does not focus on Muhammad, Ishmael or the Arab people. Instead the Qur’an focuses primarily on the Jewish patriarchs and prophets. The Qur’an concerns itself primarily with the history and future of the Children of Israel. Thus the primary figures of the Qur’an are figures like Abraham, Joseph, Moses and King David. In fact the primary figure of the Quran is Moshe Aveynu (Moses our father) who is mentioned more than any other individual in the Qur’an. Many Jews are surprised to learn that one entire “Surah” (chapter) of the Quran (Surah 17) is titled “The Children of Israel”.

    1. mohammed was nothing but a two bit warloard , a coward that murded children and women. islam is nothing like Christianity. and no I`m not a Christian I`m an atheist, But I do recognize that islam at its core is violent, bigoted, and enslaves women. sharia law is nonsense and completely against the very principals of the American constitution. As such it should be illegal s it premotes intolerance slavery and domination of women , not to mention pedophilia.I keep a copy of the quoran right next to my toilet so when I run out of toilet paper I can put mohommeds lies and ramblings to good use as toilet paper

  4. So do we want to retreat to ancient laws allowing our daughters to be sold to old men who have other wives and kill her for not doing anything he asks? What about that goes with woman’s equality????

  5. First, there are Federal laws in place banning Sharia law. Secondly, most are ok with other “religions” but are not ok with other “laws”. If the two cannot be separated, as appears to be the case here, then USA LAW/CONSTITUTION wins.

  6. Montana lawmakers passed a law declaring that Sharia law would not be tolerated in Montana! There are ‘reportedly’ other people than muslims who want to follow that law. Our constitution ALREADY bans any law other than the law of the USA!! Montana, KS and the other states are simply reinforcing the laws of the USA….not making new laws. ! Study your history, people!!

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