KISS OFF: Muslim Lawmaker Wants It ILLEGAL To Insult Islam

Radical Islam

Islam is being pushed all over the world because it’s their aim to take over with Sharia law and Allah, a Muslim law maker now wants to make it illegal to insult Islam in Australia.

A Muslim law maker wants to make it illegal to insult Islam in Australia. With all of the “tolerance” being pushed by liberals this law will probably be defended.

This is crazy, this cannot be compared to the Christian religion. First of all there is persecution against Christians and it isn’t unlawful to insult a Christian. But this biggest thing to point out is that Christianity does not harm or kill other people.

Anything that is used to oppress people and harm them should be fought against. Doing so isn’t “anti-Muslim” it is anti-terrorism.

From Clash Daily:

Anne Aly, Australia’s first female Muslim member of parliament, is pushing for a crackdown on free speech in hopes of expanding race-based discrimination laws to cover insults against those who follow the religion of Islam.

“Restrictive speech laws Down Under have banned people from saying anything which could ‘offend or insult, people because of their race,” reports Heat Street.

Now, Aly wants to add “religion” to Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act in an Orwellian attempt to hold those who insult Muslims accountable.

This isn’t about equality, it’s about dominating and having special privileges to push the Islamic agenda. Islam is a hell spawned, Satan worshiping, violent death cult, dedicated to domination. The only ‘peace’ it offers is the peace of death, or slavery.

It has no place in a modern pluralistic and democratic society. It is locked in a medieval culture that is antithetical to western mores. It will use our ‘tolerance’ to destroy all semblance of our liberty. It is intolerant of all other faiths. It is here to invade and to subdue, not to assimilate.

2 thoughts on “KISS OFF: Muslim Lawmaker Wants It ILLEGAL To Insult Islam

  1. Simply have the Australian government pass a law that removes Islam from being a true “religion”. For example, any so-called religion that has scriptures and holy leaders as a genuine basis for belief that includes promotion of killing apostates, non-believers who reject Allah, women who are afforded inequality in courts and are subject to murder for alleged adultery, and of homosexuals, as well as any person, including fellow muslims, who impedes another muslim carrying out Jihad. Such fundamental beliefs have no place in true religions. Thus, Islam needs to be disqualified as a true or genuine religion.

  2. Dear elected muslim politician. Fuck Off ! Fuck Islam,Fuck Sharia law,Fuck Mohammed
    Fuck your Allah. I am an American and I will not submit my rights to you snd brand of mental illness. Australia needs to tell all of you muslims to fuck off as well

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