Pelosi Jabs Carson, Ben Delivers Knock-Out Blow


Nancy Pelosi is a total failure. A creature of the DC swamp, she has never held a real job in her life. She married into a lot of money, then spent that haul buying influence in DC and a seat in Congress from liberal San Francisco.

So it should come as no surprise that she would take time to rip Ben Carson, Donald Trump’s choice to run HUD, Housing and Urban Development, saying of Carson:

“He’s a disconcerting and disturbingly unqualified choice.”

“There is no evidence that Dr. Carson brings the necessary credentials to hold a position with such immense responsibilities and impact on families and communities across America.”

“The country deserves someone with relevant experience to protect the rights of homeowners and renters.


No Nancy. what the country needs is less of you and more of Ben Carson. Less career politicians and more hard-working Americans who excelled in the real world, the private sector.

You make your living swindling people. Ben makes his living helping people. You prefer that unqualified career politicians run this country.

The country wants hard-working Americans who excel in the real world, like Ben Carson and Donald Trump to run this great nation.

The results, take a look at Carrier, will be a lot different.

5 thoughts on “Pelosi Jabs Carson, Ben Delivers Knock-Out Blow

  1. Trump supporters were totally disgusted with Miss Nancy long before President Trump came into the picture. It has been obvious that she has no common sense or any other kind of sense since she first came on the television. When she was voted as Chairman we then knew the Dems were out of whack. Too much Disneyland influence and no reality exists with those Socalists that are destroying America. Thank you Donald Trump for all your efforts to revive our constitution.

  2. Competent people who look at the long game, to put in place, what will really help the disadvantaged, is the threat to Dems that have talked a good game but set it up for prolonged neediness and failure. Ben Carsen is the antidote to the misinformed and disinformed citizens. His moral and faith based perspectives is in great need.

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