New Report REVEALS The Walls Are Closing In On Fauci The Fraud!


Oh no, Dr. Fauci is now facing a big backlash and trouble.

Due to his consecutive failures, uncertain words and lies people have lost their confidence and trust in Fauci and according to Bannon’s war room, these walls that are backing up Fauci are now starting to close in around him.

After what he has done, I am sure that there will be nobody left to support him.

I wonder how Fauci can still manage to call himself a doctor after his failures and lies that he kept on penetrating on people. Maybe he should be calling himself a fake doctor that has no idea what he’s doing.

Fauci has zero credibility left at this point.

He’s had to walk back several of his claims on COVID and these polls prove that Americans are starting to lose trust.

Here’s an excerpt from New York Post report:

But while trust in the actual jabs has improved, trust in Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases who has led the response to the pandemic, has declined — although it remains high.

Sixty-eight percent of Americans said they are “confident” in the advice given by Fauci — down from the 71 percent who said so in April, but on par with the 68 percent of respondents in August 2020.

Instead, Americans place the most confidence, according to the poll, in their primary health care provider — at 83 percent.

Asked about the origins of the deadly virus, 35 percent said they believe the Chinese government developed the coronavirus as a biological weapon, while 42 percent disagreed and 23 percent were uncertain.

That’s a slight increase from the 31 percent who thought it was created as a bioweapon in April.

Asked about the Wuhan Institute of Virology, 30 percent said the virus was deliberately leaked from the lab, 33 percent said it “accidentally escaped through carelessness or incompetence” and 13 percent said it did not originate there.

This man no longer has credibility left on his system; the government should no longer listen to him.

This guy should’ve been written off weeks after COVID first sprung up.

Watch it here: Youtube/Citizen Free Press

Sources: Wayne Dupree, New York Post

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