People Who Shop At Walmart Are Having A Sickening New Prank Played On Them…


I don’t want to live in a world where people try to hurt each other just for the sake of hurting each other. Unfortunately, it appears that not only do these people exist but their numbers are increasing.

It’s not hard to visualize the scenario: you arrive at Walmart and proceed to check off the items on your list. You decide to take a cart from the carousel after realizing that the list contains too many items for you to carry on your own.

However, as soon as your hands touch the trolley, you experience burning. Your hand is gushing blood when you look down. A razor that was tucked under the cart’s handle has cut you.

Now, a woman has taken to social media to warn others about a vicious prank she fell victim to at Walmart. Cheryl Johnson’s goal is to spread her story so that no more unsuspecting shoppers suffer the same fate.

Cheryl Johnson and her husband Mel were on a late-night shopping trip to Walmart when they took their cart out of the stack and discovered something surprising.

The stunning incident occurred while the Ohio couple was inside a Walmart in Wadsworth, Ohio.

As soon as Mel pulled the cart out, he felt pain in his hand, and when he looked down, he saw a razor poking out of his hand.

A razor had been deliberately left on the automobile so that someone might be stabbed by it. Since they didn’t want this to happen to anyone else, Cheryl and Mel called the police right away.

Walmart personnel searched all of the other carts for razors as they waited for police to come, but thankfully they found none.

Regarding the razor, the police have two ideas. The first is that it was a practical joke, and the second is that the razors might have been placed there to facilitate shoplifting by consumers. Razors can really be used by shoplifters to remove security tags while evading detection by surveillance equipment.

Other shoplifters are thoughtless criminals who don’t care about other people’s safety, unlike thieves who typically remove the blade or place it backward to prevent harm.

Sadly, this is not the first time that it has occurred. The same incident actually occurred to Lisa Zimmerman from Dawson, North Dakota in 2015.

And as other people have also suffered razor stab wounds in this manner, it turns out that this is a more widespread issue than you may imagine. Mel and Cheryl are merely appreciative that the razors did not inflict more harm.

Check your cart thoroughly before you touch it the next time you go shopping!

Watch the video  below for more details:

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