Moscow Mitch Just Got The WORST News Of His Life!


One of the things that long-time politicians tend to fall into the trap of believing is that they are always going to have their position. You know, that their reelection is like renewing your driver’s license or something like that.

Well, the problem with that whole idea is that a lot like your eyes and your coordination, your views and how people agree with them can often change. This is why occasionally we always need to look deep into what some politicians are thinking and saying. Well, guess what, someone like Mitch McConnell is putting it right out there how he is.

It’s a good thing too because we are now able to see what a spineless little toad he is. He wants things both ways. He’s a Democrat in Republican’s clothing.

Mitch McConnell and the rest of the RINO turncoats in Congress have just received news about the tough position they have put themselves in.

A new Rasmussen poll has found that 73 percent of voters want the GOP to become more like President Donald Trump, and less like the establishment Republicans who turned on Trump and his supporters.

The poll asked: “Which of these statements is closer to your belief: ‘Donald Trump is still the kind of leader the Republican Party needs,’ or ‘Republicans need to get away from the legacy of Donald Trump?’”

The findings showed that 73 percent want a leader more like President Trump, and only 24 percent want the party to distance itself from Trump. Three percent of respondents stated that they were not sure.

President Trump’s approval rating has increased dramatically since his impeachment and the storming of the Capitol. In January, his approval rating was at 41 percent, but the most recent polls show it has skyrocketed to 59 percent.

This may have a serious impact on the reelection of key Trump turncoats like Senator Mitch McConnell and the RINOs who voted to impeach or convict Trump.

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2 thoughts on “Moscow Mitch Just Got The WORST News Of His Life!

  1. In recent years the GOP has been infected with terminal complacency, and as a result seem to have lost any fighting spirit that they may have had in the past. They seemed much more concerned about being pals with the Democrats than upholding and defending traditional conservative values. Even while the Democrats continued to harass and stymy President Trump since day one, the gutless GOP leadership like Ryan, Romney and O’Connell stood by sitting on their thumbs. I have told he CRNC and other GOP group soliciting $$$ that I will not donate until they grow some spine and develop some guts.

  2. One can count Mitch out. Mitch is no friend of Trump, Mitch put the Capitol fiasco blame squarely on Trump. Mitch has a lot of disdain for Trump and that goes back to the Paul Ryan days. Paul Ryan was no friend of Trump either.

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