What This Woke Medical Journal Just Called Women’s Bodies Is Just Strange!


The Wokes are becoming worse these days… I mean, Biden’s administration encourages every Woke journalist and media outlet to speak out at the expense of other’s reputations.

We all know that these ‘Woke’ Left has not been too kind to women, their gender wars are now becoming an incurable disease of society.

Apart from having to compete with biological men in sporting events, women have also had the misfortune of being called names that are wildly offensive. Menstruators and ‘vulva owners’ are only a couple of those.

Now, one of the world’s leading medical journals The Lancet has gone one step ahead and labeled them “bodies with vaginas”.

According to the Daily Mail reports, The Lancet called the phrase from a September 1 article titled “Periods on Display.” It “examines an exhibition exploring the taboos and history of periods at the Vagina Museum in London and sees the writer use the word ‘women’ but also use the term ‘bodies with vaginas.’”

The quote on the front page read, “Historically, the anatomy and physiology of bodies with vaginas have been neglected.” The Lancet delightedly tweeted, Our new issue is here! On the cover—‘Periods on display’ and the cultural movement against menstrual shame and #PeriodPoverty.”

Opinion writer K Bhattacharjee pointed out:

The war on gender, and biological sex, has gained widespread acceptance among the medical fraternity fairly recently. The mainstream media, which has been at the forefront of it as the flagbearer of “woke” politics, has jumped on the bandwagon only in the past five or six years.

The “Woke’ camp engages in biological denialism with great fervour, it is the central theme of their philosophical doctrine. Insulting terms such as “menstruators,” “bodies with vaginas” stems from the idea, endorsed by the “Woke,” that biological sex itself is a myth.

The Spectator added:

Sophia Davis’s actual article, which reviews an exhibition on the history of menstruation at the Vagina Museum of London, actually uses the w-word four times. But the Lancet, being the innovative medical journal it is, knows the direction the winds are blowing and has decided to get out ahead — and, as chance would have it, drum up an enormous amount of free publicity — by talking about “the anatomy and physiology” of BWVs. That’s called science.

Author Milli Hill: “Honestly can’t believe that you can’t see what’s happening here. You’re telling us that you’ve noticed that for hundreds of years you’ve neglected and overlooked women…and then…in the same breath..you are unable to name those people you’ve been ignoring. Why can’t you see it?”

A retired psychiatrist had a more active approach, writing, “Only just seen this. How completely awful. Just wrote the Lancet to tell them to take me off their list of statistical reviewers and cancel my subscription and never contact me about anything ever again. Absolutely inexcusable language to refer to women and girls.”

Professor Gad Saad: “I hope that one day medical science will discover a name for ‘bodies with vaginas.’ Dr. Fauci, the vicar of science on earth, might help.”

Psychology professor Geoffrey Miller: “Dehumanizing women as nothing more than ‘bodies with vaginas’ now seems to be the official editorial policy of the world’s leading medical journal, @The Lancet.”

Famed British actress Frances Barber, “Seriously? F*** off.”

Philosopher Michael Shermer: “‘bodies with vaginas’ If only we had a word for that. @TheLancet: are there also ‘bodies without vaginas’ & ‘bodies with penises’? Call me an old school civil rights champion but doesn’t this language shift dehumanize women? Even objectify them as ‘bodies’ instead of persons?”

Jon Gabriel: “these people have lost their damn minds.”

Rod Dreher: “Women are now called ‘bodies with vaginas’ by our woke overlords.”

Sources: DailyWire, DailyMail, TheSpectator

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