Pelosi Took Just Four Seconds To Prove How Unhinged She Is!


This  4-seconds video clip of Pelosi is getting too much attention lately. Even me, to be honest, I could watch this on loop a thousand times and not get sick of it.

Just look at her reactions, you can just see and hear the pure disgust and embarrassment in Pelosi’s face and voice.  She looks and sounds like she wants to rip the reporter’s face off.

Well, all this tormented look of Pelosi has something to do with Tuesday’s elections all over the country – not just in Virginia – is that she can see the writing on the wall.

Pelosi knows her political career will soon be over and this is her last stand as Speaker. She can either retire or be part of the humiliating 2022 bloodbath.

This election indeed causes Pelosi too much anxiety. I have a feeling that you’ll enjoy this one…nothing better than seeing Nancy squirm.

You can watch the video below:

Watch it here: GOP WarRoom/Youtube

Read more of this commentary report from WayneDupree:

It’s funny, there’ are a lot of folks online who are desperately trying to “spin” this epic disaster into a “victory” for Dems. They’re saying historically that VA and NJ flip to R, and that fact that NJ remained D is a huge “win” for Biden.

This is the weakest and dumbest spin ever.

The country has changed so much politically over the past 5 years. Stuff that happens today should be very carefully compared to yesterday because it’s a completely different ballgame right now. The country has never been so politically divided and that changes a lot of dynamics.

And even if you wanted to compare last Tuesday to years prior, it’d be a real mess for Dems, because in the past, they always had low turnout, and that’s one of the big reasons that they’d lose in these types of elections. Nowadays, they have a much higher turnout, because of all their “rage” and “orange man bad” stuff, and they’re still losing these races.

Any way you slice it, this was not a win. This should be a big wake-up call for Dems, but they’re not readjusting their positions, they’re doubling down on all the stuff that caused this blowout to begin with, which is good news for us. We don’t want them to learn a lesson.

We want them to get more radical from this point on until the midterms.

Source: WayneDupree

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