Oregon Counties Have Had Enough And Told Them THEY ARE LEAVING!


Growing up in the great state of Michigan, I can tell you that the threat of secession to form another state is always a reality.

For example, there was a situation a few decades ago where all the folks up in the UP wanted was money to build some rest areas that were in comparison of quality as those below the bridge. What they got was damn near a Home Depot bucket dug into the ground and a shower curtain for a door. They were not pleased and were actually pretty close to forming their own state before fate stepped in.

Anyway, the liberal leaders of some states need to understand that they need to pay attention to everyone here because they are going to get burned…

Five Oregon counties want to break away and become part of Idaho. Those five counties oppose socialism and they are tired of Portland wielding too much of the power in the state. They wish to be joined with a state much closer to their beliefs. The five counties are five counties: Baker, Grant, Lake, Malheur and Sherman. Oregon has been hammered by riots involving antifa and BLM.

The Democrats will fight this move tooth and nail because it could cost them seats in the House. The number of House seats you have is based on population. assuming these are smaller rural counties it could cost Oregon between one and two seats. Possibly more after people abandon Portland and Oregon for greener pastures in other states. That also means that Idaho could pick up a seat or two.

The Washington Times reports: Five Oregon counties will ask voters in the next election whether they want to detach from the deep-blue state and join neighboring red-state Idaho.

Move Oregon’s Border, also known as Greater Idaho, confirmed Tuesday that the initiative to move swaths of largely rural eastern and southern Oregon into Idaho qualified for the May 18 special election ballot in five counties: Baker, Grant, Lake, Malheur and Sherman.

In Baker County, organizers far exceeded the 496 signatures required by submitting 746, with the clerk reporting that 630 were accepted. The county population is about 16,000.

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