Donald Jr Just Ripped Mad Maxine A New One!


There are some people that you go to directly when you have an issue that needs to be solved or advice on a particular issue. You may not go to them on any other issue, but they are an expert on that one thing.

For example, my dad was an excellent person to go to when it came to home improvement projects. But if you wanted to ask him for advice on how to fix the computer, he would look at you like you had three heads. The same thing goes for me, I am great at things and terrible at others. I would not ask anyone to take any advice I have on the stock market. I would rather ask the son of the billionaire.

Definitely not Maxine Waters, whose expertise is in….well, I’ll get back to ya on that.

Donald Trump Jr. slammed Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) for her fundamental lack of understanding of how the stock market works in relation to the recent GameStop/Reddit saga. Don Jr is right again!

“Apparently stocks only go up according to Waters,” tweeted Trump, linking his recorded commentary. “This woman makes multi trillion dollar decisions for the American people and has literally zero fundamental understanding about banking or financial services. Good work D.C.”

In the aftermath of the GameStop short squeeze, Waters said that Congress has concerns about the use of social media in financial trades and intends to investigate the amateur investors on Reddit’s WallStreetBets community.

The effort to topple hedge funds involved in shorting GameStop and AMC stock, among others, garnered widespread support from numerous tech heads and free market personalities, including Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy.

Waters announced that there would be more congressional hearings to follow on the topic with regulators as the focus. Now Trump, the executive vice president of his father’s Trump Organization, has spoken out against the left-wing backlash driven by out-of-touch elites like Waters.

Democrats are hateful and incompetent

“It’s really something when you realize how incompetent most Democrats are. This latest comment from Congresswoman Maxine Waters is downright insane,” Trump captioned the four-minute Rumble video uploaded on Friday afternoon.

The former president’s eldest son stated that Waters asked if those who lose money in the stock market should be compensated for their losses. “I mean, it would be nice,” Trump jested. “It would be wonderful. It’s just not how it works. If housing prices plummet, you don’t get reimbursed if you lose money on your house.”

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1 thought on “Donald Jr Just Ripped Mad Maxine A New One!

  1. Maybe she should look at the windfalls pelosi and feinstein have made in the market in the last six months. And paying here daughter to lick and mail envelopes is maybe legal, but is sure shady. Why not an investigation of that on legal and ethical standards?

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