One Restaurant Is In MAJOR Trouble After They Found Out Where Their Chicken Came From…


A restaurant is now in major trouble, and it is all due to the fact that they found out just where their chicken came from. Boy howdy!

“Are y’all seeing what I’m seeing?” one TikTok user wrote when they saw something totally shocking at a Chinese buffet in her locale. This TikToker was shocked to see that the restaurant was using dinosaur chicken nuggets in their Chinese buffet. This is a meat product that basically masquerades as chicken but it is basically rib meat with a white and chicken covering. Incidentally, most of the people that like these dinosaur chicken nuggets also like the McRib. However, before I digress too much…

They covered this meat product in sesame seeds and sauce, and that actually made them look pretty appetizing. However, this TikTok was totally shocked when she saw that same frozen food product at the supermarket and so she shared a video clip to get more people’s reactions to this buffet item.

The video she made was quick and to the point. The user turned the camera to the sesame seed dinosaur nuggets and utilized a number of different features on the TikTok app to show the viewers what she was talking about, zooming in several times to show them that yes, these nuggets were clearly taken from a frozen food section at a supermarket!

They shared this video on TikTok, Twitter, Reddit, and various other social media platforms. This was a viral clip that has now been seen at least two million times ad has received one hundred likes as well as thousands of comments regarding it.

“That would be worse than an infestation! I mean, we can just buy them from the grocery store!”

However, another user said they would have no problem eating them if that was the only choice.

“Dino nuggets over no food, I mean come on. It looks pretty good too!”

Another person was joking about shopping for dinosaur and sesame seeds right after watching that video.

“I’m getting me some Dino nuggets. Yum! I might just go buy sesame seeds and chicken, too, while we are at it. #yummyinmytummy.”

“I would one hundred percent eat dino nugget sesame chicken.”

“I don’t care that they used dino nuggets. I just wanna see how good they taste,” wrote one delighted TikToker.

“Don’t be suspicious,” wrote another. “Don’t be suspicious.”

“Okay, but that honestly looks really good.”

“Chicken shortage so real that they replaced it with prehistoric meat.”

“Bruh, not the dino nuggets.”

Another person was quick to point out that inflation and supply chain issues were the direct cause of this chicken dinosaur debacle.

“Oh my God, dino nuggets? This inflation is insane.”

Some, on the other hand, emphasized the creep factor, half-expecting the nuggets to be covered in maggots.

“Me looking for maggots. ‘Is that a dino nugget?’”

“I was looking for bugs, but dino nuggets!”

“I was too scared of seeing something move.”

“I thought I was looking for maggots disguised as sesame streets.”

“I was looking for maggots instead of seeds.”

“I was waiting for one of the sesame seeds to start moving or something.”

“I was searching for bugs.”

“Me looking for the maggots. ‘Oh, it’s a Dino nugget.’”

It all just begs the question: how would you react if your local Chinese buffet had sesame dinosaur chicken nuggets on their menu?

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