Oh Boy, Jill Biden’s New Role Is The Absolute Bottom Of The Barrel!


The legacy of President Biden has been in a nutshell after a fraud-ridden victory earlier this year to a political ending debacle.

It has only been almost 9 months since Biden has been the President of the United States but America has never been the same.

His presidential performance has been really bad, it has been really obvious but Jill Biden’s recent move just proves how bad that is.

The New York Times has posted a ridiculous tweet that reads, “Eight months into Biden’s presidency, both he and the first lady are finding that winning the “battle for the soul of the nation” may be his most elusive campaign promise. Trying to prove it’s still possible, Dr. Jill Biden isn’t standing on the sidelines.”

Lol, in the first place, Dr. Abuse Jill Biden should be blamed for all Joe Biden has done to this country. She knows for sure that his husband is not eligible as his mental state is clearly not healthy. It has been a clear tolerance from Dr. Abuse.

And Fox New’s recent poll sums up everything about Biden’s performance in his 9 months of so-called President. 

A new poll conducted by Fox News was released this Sunday, which indicates that the percentage of respondents who feel the country is more united under President Joe Biden has declined. It has fallen to the point where those who think the country is less united are now in the majority, according to the poll.

The numbers show a huge discrepancy between the campaign rhetoric and public perception. A whopping 54 percent feel the country is less united since Biden took office, while only 37 percent felt it was more united.

This has been the most pretentious move so far.

Well, if they wanted to make a drastic change in America, the Bidens and sidekick Kamala should step down and put Trump again.

Sources: Wayne Dupree, bizpacreview

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