Something VERY Alarming Is Happening At Texas Airports!


We all know that the border crisis is at its critical level. Biden believes in an open America, welcoming even illegals aliens and feed them with our hard-earned working American taxes.

From the start of being installed in the Whitehouse, he brings nothing but series of disasters to America. And it continues to get worse… We should brace for more…

This is a critical point for us because we are in a middle of a health and humanitarian crisis, and Joe is nowhere to be found.

Where is he anyway?

He’s on vacation in Delaware! And Kamala? Well, she’s tossing coins for the snooty universities.

The two so-called “leaders” of the country are nowhere to be found, while the rest of us are dealing with the nightmares they created and yet they’re just having fun.

And then, there’s this man at McAllen Airport that noticed something really strange.

You’re about to be told that if you don’t take a “jab” you will lose your livelihood.

Meanwhile, illegal aliens at the border are not being forced to get the jab — and then you get to pay for their airfare to travel to your city and rub it in your face.

That’s “Biden’s America.”

Here are some comments from the folks online:

“This is fucked!”

“Absolutely entitled on our dollar!!”

“Who is actually funding all of this?”

“This makes Americans blood boil. WTF!!!!”

‘I’ve been through that airport, this is crazy!”


“WHY??!!   This is so insane.   STOP this!”

“Stop the insanity! Everyone should watch and RT this eye opening clip! STOP SPENDING MY TAX DOLLARS!”

“Biden’s New America”

“I honestly can’t believe this.”

“This makes me just sick… You know whose dime this is on..”

“Impeach Biden AND Harris for failing to protect our national security. And then try them for treason for willful facilitation of illegal immigration and causing harm to the American people and American institutions.”

“This Is Unacceptable BS From Our So Called Government!!”

“Joe Biden needs to go!!!”

“This makes more angry than anything else biden has done”

“Thank you for posting the TRUTH, this is something Joe Biden and his corrupt administration are incapable of doing. Impeach Biden/Harris NOW”

“America WAKE THE HELL UP! Thank you for showing this ! BIDEN AND HARRIS HAS TO BE IMPEACHED NOW!”

“Biden’s AMERICA”

“Our country is in deep shit”

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4 thoughts on “Something VERY Alarming Is Happening At Texas Airports!

  1. Wll people,there is only one way to stop this,and you know what I’m talking about! Bitching,moaning,complaining ain’t going to do it!

  2. There needs to be some kill’n before we get some chill’n. Talk is cheap but action speaks. Find your own limits and do what you think is necessary to remove the left wing terrorists from our Republic. Terminate the limitless and install Term Limits. jwstx MAGA GBA

  3. Denise, Biden is not the cause, the messenger, nor the destroyer. He is a victim of dementia and corrupt power pulling his little Puppet strings. Concentrate on the Puppeteers Soros, Wyss, Obama, Jarrett, Chi, Pelosi, Schumer, Clintons, etc,etc.
    When they are removed from power Antifa, Nazis, Sharia, MS13 etc,etc will quickly die or find another country to play with.
    The borders will close, the drugs will dry up, and the rest of the world will become civilized due to the response of the right, “We The People”, and our Republic will once again be whole. jwstx MAGA GBA

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