NEWLY ACCESSED Jan 6th Video Has REVEALED Nearly 80 Possible Government Agents….


It seems that Americans are frequently instructed to accept the narrative promoted by the government and media, whether it concerns trial vaccines, the 2020 election, or the J6 events. The quest for the truth behind these issues has proven to be an arduous task.

The J6 protestors have been charged with crimes such as seditious conspiracy and obstruction of a government proceeding. Meanwhile, Pelosi has withheld crucial video footage, and J6 defendants have been held in subpar conditions. Instead of seeking truth and justice, the focus has been on promoting the narrative that former President Donald Trump incited a riot.

As more evidence comes to light, however, the official narrative is beginning to crumble. J6 defense attorneys have identified 80 “suspicious actors” who were involved in instigating the chaos but are missing from the FBI’s list. These individuals are now being investigated for their possible role in an entrapment operation against the Oath Keepers.

The case of two men acquitted of plotting to kidnap Michigan’s Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer raises similar questions about government entrapment, as the FBI was heavily involved in the planning and execution of the alleged crime.

Attorney Brad Geyer, who represents Oath Keeper defendant, Kenneth Harrelson, is seeking a court order to force federal prosecutors to identify the 80 individuals in question and disclose any ties they may have had to law enforcement or government entities on January 6. Geyer argues that this information is exculpatory and must be produced.

Moreover, Geyer claims that prosecutors have withheld exculpatory information in the prosecution of J6 defendants, burying it among nine terabytes of data. A motion filed by the Oath Keepers alleges that at least 20 “assets” from the FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives were present in the J6 crowd.

The suspicious actors identified by Geyer were reportedly using advanced communication equipment, such as earpieces and satellite phones, that were not affected by capacity restrictions or jamming like regular cell phones. Geyer believes that proving these individuals were government agents could lead to an entrapment defense that could ultimately dispose of the indictment.

There is also evidence suggesting that the FBI may have doctored and destroyed crucial evidence related to January 6. The trial of Proud Boy member Dominic Pezzola was temporarily halted after attorneys presented evidence that FBI agents were discussing the alteration and destruction of evidence. Pezzola’s lawyers have since filed a motion to dismiss the case.

Attorney Roger Roots has expressed concerns about the recently discovered FBI messages related to January 6 and called for a thorough investigation into the matter. If justice is to be served, the truth behind these events must be uncovered and those responsible held accountable.

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