BREAKING: Another Biden Top Dog Has Ran For Higher Ground And Quit…


In a recent announcement from the White House, it was revealed that Susan Rice is resigning from her position as President Biden’s domestic policy advisor. Many were initially surprised by her appointment due to her background in foreign policy, as she previously served as National Security Advisor and UN Ambassador. However, President Biden praised her for her determination and capability in getting things done for the American people.

Biden went on to credit Rice for several policy changes that he believes have benefited Americans, despite the widespread concerns regarding the current administration’s disastrous handling of immigration and lack of law enforcement. The President boasted about reversing Trump’s immigration policies as one of their shared successes.

According to Biden, Rice’s efforts contributed to the expansion and strengthening of the Affordable Care Act, the release of a comprehensive national mental health strategy, and the reduction of prescription drug prices for seniors. He also highlighted their work on reducing gun violence, advancing police reform, addressing marijuana policies, and focusing on equity in the federal government.

Additionally, Biden claimed credit for making college more affordable, increasing access to childcare and long-term care, and committing to ending hunger and diet-related diseases by 2030.

However, Americans are not easily fooled by this administration’s self-praise. Critics on Twitter have pointed out the many disastrous decisions made by Biden and Rice, such as the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan, the proxy war in Ukraine, and the escalation of tensions with Taiwan. One user even highlighted the recent decision to abandon thousands of Americans in Sudan.

Rick Grenell, a prominent conservative figure, also chimed in, pointing out the media’s lack of scrutiny towards Susan Rice’s actions in both the State Department and intelligence agencies. He emphasized that she leaves the White House with a legacy of worldwide chaos.

The departure of Susan Rice from her role as domestic policy advisor only serves to underscore the growing concerns about the Biden administration’s policies and leadership. While the President may attempt to paint a rosy picture of Rice’s tenure, the American people are well aware of the chaos and mismanagement that have characterized her time in office. We must demand better from our elected officials and hold them accountable for the real impact of their decisions on our nation’s well-being

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