This Governor OPENLY Stood In The Way Of Saving Small Business!


Despite the notion that a good number of us haven’t eaten out in around a year, it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy food from out of your house. There is a small place that my wife and I order at around once a week and those small places are relying on literally every customer they can get.

Now, some politicians want to do what they can to make sure that these people are staying above water and some want to let them drown.

The governor of Michigan is someone that wants to let them drown.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer pocket vetoed proposed tax breaks for retail chain Meijer and separate legislation that would have let certain businesses hurt by the coronavirus pandemic defer their property tax payments without facing penalties or interest.

The Republican-led Legislature passed the bills largely along party lines before adjourning last month. The Democratic governor, who let them die at the close of a 14-day review period Monday, did not specify why.

But the state Treasury Department and groups representing public schools and local governments opposed the measures, citing budgetary implications.

Grand Rapids-based Meijer, which has more than 240 stores in six states, lobbied to waive sales and property taxes on fully automated consumer goods handling equipment used to separate, assemble and store pallets of goods at a 550,000-thousand-square-foot warehousing and distribution facility in Delta Township near Lansing.

It said the process is industrial, not commercial, and should be treated similarly to manufacturing equipment that is no longer taxed annually. A company official told a legislative committee last month that grocery rival Kroger got a grant and tax abatement for a similar facility being built in Romulus and Amazon’s warehouses qualify for tax exemptions on equipment.

Tax revenue would have declined by an unknown amount under the bills, according to the nonpartisan Senate Fiscal Agency. Business groups supported the tax breaks.

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