AOC Stepped Up To The Mic And Got Heckled By Her Own People!


The double talk is ridiculous. Come on, wake up people…

New York’s Democratic Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, known as AOC makes a speech like rap while dancing in the middle of a crowd…

And she really thinks they’ll accept anything so long as it spills out of her mouth and is delivered using condescending rap-like hand gestures.

She’s so full of herself (among other things) that she thinks she can just show up to events, surrounded by her adoring base, and never have to offer them anything more than just a meaningless word salad, replete with empty Democrat talking points.

According to recent reports, it shows that AOC took credit for the CDC’s (illegal) eviction moratorium extension which runs till October 3rd during her speech at an event.

The moratorium was extended at the request and approval of the Biden administration which is increasingly hostile to the working class, some of which own rental properties as investments to carry them through retirement.

The self-important representative had to be rescued when someone started asking her uncomfortable questions. Ill-equipped to deal with anything other than blind approval, her staffer moved in quickly saying, “Ok we’re out of time, (inaudible) some music now.” AOC breathed a sigh of relief, turning from the questioner, smiling and clapping.

Watch it here: Citizen Free Press/Youtube

AOC said, “We’re gonna figure that out” when one of her free-loading fans asks if missed rent will be forgiven.

The Democrat rep habitually speaks down to her supporters who she believes to be incapable of paying rent despite the fact that her party’s White House occupant has been bragging about the economy claiming, “We’ve created more than 1.5 million jobs… the most in the first 100 days of any president on record“.

Source: 100percentfedup

1 thought on “AOC Stepped Up To The Mic And Got Heckled By Her Own People!

  1. I wonder if AOC’s interest in this rent moratorium is based upon so she does not have to pay her rent ? This is something that would not surprise me in the least little bit . And on that note , there are reports on some news sites of her managing to grab over a million
    ollars and mis direct it to her coffers . All excess campaign funds according to the report .

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