New Biden Order Allowing People In PRISON To Vote!


There are a lot of things that people in prison cannot do or rightfully, shouldn’t be allowed to do.

I watched a video that showed some of the technology that people that are in prison have access to and it is severely limited to the things that we have. In terms of quantity as well as quality. With good reason. They shouldn’t have everything that we have access to. Never mind the stabbings over an iPad that would probably take place.

Now, when I voted this November, I thought to myself that this is one simple way of displaying my freedom and rights. That being said, should someone locked away for the rest of hteir life be allowed to choose for the rest of us?

In June 2018, President Trump passed the historic First Step Act, with bipartisan support—giving deserving prisoners a second chance at life.

According to the U.S. Sentencing Commission (USSC), more than 1,000 individuals incarcerated in federal prisons were granted sentence reductions in the first four months the First Step Act was signed into law.

Democrats have taken a different approach when it comes to helping prisoners. Instead of helping them by giving them a second chance at life, and giving them the tools they need to succeed in a life outside of prison, they’re fighting to give them a chance to vote inside prison—of course, they’re assuming they’ll vote for Democrats.

In the midst of Joe Biden’s basement campaign for President of the United States, his VP candidate, Senator Kamala Harris was busy on social media encouraging her 5.7 million followers on Twitter to send money to a fund that would bail violent BLM and Antifa criminals out of jail.

On March 2, Democrats in the House attempted to pass a bill that would give voting rights to people serving time in jail. Although 97 Democrats voted in favor of the bill, it failed in the House.

After the bill failed, the newly elected radical US Rep Cori Bush, who authored the bill, tweeted about how the bill was tied to “white supremacy.”

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