Once Again, Jane Fonda Has Been Accused Of Treason!


Years ago Jane Fonda went to Vietnam to protest against America, now she’s being called out on Fox News for “treason” by a former Trump advisor.

Former Trump adviser Stephen Miller accused Jane Fonda of her controversial images committing treason in the 1970s.

Jane Fonda’s infamous Vietnam War protests that earned her the nickname “Hanoi Jane” have just come back to haunt the Hollywood darling. During a Fox News segment, Miller suggested the two-time Academy Award winner turned climate activist committed treason in 1972.

Miller made these comments while lambasting the left for holding Fonda up as a modern-day “hero” despite her Vietnam War-era behavior during a fiery segment discussing the pipeline.

In July 1972, during the waning days of U.S. military involvement in Vietnam, Fonda incurred the enmity of untold thousands of Vietnam veterans and their families (as well as service members for generations to come) when she arrived in Hanoi, North Vietnam, and began a two-week tour of the country.

Fonda visited North Vietnamese villages, hospitals, schools, and factories damaged in the war, weaving her comments about what she observed at those sites with denunciations of U.S. military policy in recordings broadcast as propaganda to U.S. servicemen via Radio Hanoi.

Although Fonda’s actions in visiting North Vietnam were sufficient to earn her the wrath of many Americans, in the years since those events took place they have been embellished to the point that the one tale most commonly associated with her Vietnam trip is an incident that never took place.

From AWM, a transcript from the Fox News interview:

“What she did in the Vietnam War… people may have forgotten this,” Miller said of Fonda. “She volunteered herself as a tool of North Vietnamese Communist propaganda. She did North Vietnamese propaganda broadcasts on their radio station.”

He added, “She sat on their anti-aircraft battery that’s used to shoot down American planes and American airmen. This is by any definition, and I am going to use the word, what she did is treason. And she was held up as a hero?”

Long ago, Fonda apologized to American veterans for the “Hanoi Jane” photo. However, she did not regret her anti-war activism.

“I was trying to help end the killing and the war, but there were times when I was thoughtless and careless about it, and I’m very sorry that I hurt them,” she told Barbara Walters back in 1988.

Jane Fonda has a long history of radically liberal activism which many views as anti-American. Stephen Miller’s criticism of the “Grace and Frankie” star will be music to the ears of many Americans.

Americans just contemplated the brave souls lost to keep this nation free on Memorial Day. So it’s difficult to say any kind words about a Hollywood celebrity who disrespected American troops in this way.

For now, we’ll continue to tune in to Gary Sinise’s good works and tune out of Jane Fonda’s intolerable nonsense.

Watch the video below for more details:

Sources: AWM, Daily Mail

1 thought on “Once Again, Jane Fonda Has Been Accused Of Treason!

  1. Poor article (I’m being gracious) – what was the “incident that never took place”? I learned as a freshman ‘reporter’ for my high school newspaper that you do not make statements and then fail to clarify them.
    But it is all ‘good’ since she ‘apologized’. There is a saying among us old vets about a line and her grave. Not me though, I’ll never stand in a line that long again, for any reason.

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