‘Miracles Do Exist’: Missing Arizona Girl Walks Into Police Station 4 Years After Disappearance


In a miraculous turn of events, new footage has emerged, shedding light on the mysterious disappearance of Alicia Navarro, a young girl from Arizona who had been missing for an astonishing four years.

According to the New York Post, the intriguing video shows Navarro herself, now 18 years old, resurfacing at a police station in a remote Montana town.

Navarro can be seen in the edited recording engaging in a virtual interview with investigators in her hometown of Glendale, Arizona.

Navarro’s vanishing act occurred just days before her fifteenth birthday in September 2019, leaving her family and friends in a state of agonizing uncertainty.

Her unexpected appearance in a small Montana town near the Canadian border brought an end to years of fruitless searches and sleepless nights for her loved ones.

Reports suggest that Navarro, previously described as having high-functioning autism, voluntarily walked into the Montana police station, explicitly asking to be removed from the list of missing children.

The Glendale public safety communications manager, Jose Santiago, shared this extraordinary revelation during a press conference, where he also expressed that she appears to be “safe,” “healthy” and content.

Authorities confirmed Navarro’s identity and promptly informed her parents, who had endured the unbearable anguish of not knowing their daughter’s whereabouts since the fateful night she left behind a note stating, “I ran away. I will be back. I swear. I’m sorry.”

The long-awaited reunion with her mother, Jessica Nuñez, was undoubtedly an emotionally charged moment, described by Glendale police Lt. Scott Waite as “extremely overwhelming.”

For Jessica, the years of relentless searching finally culminated in a miracle as her daughter returned to her arms.

In a heartfelt Facebook video, Jessica urged those with missing loved ones never to abandon hope, using Navarro’s case as a testament to the existence of miracles.


“For everyone who has missing loved ones, I want you to use this case as an example,” she said in a Facebook video. “Miracles do exist. And never lose hope and always fight.”

Navarro’s main priority upon reuniting with her mother was to assure her that she was OK and to apologize for the anguish she had caused. Santiago said that Navarro seemed genuinely remorseful and empathetic toward the suffering her vanishing act had inflicted upon her loving mother.

Authorities are working to unravel the events surrounding Navarro’s mysterious journey to Montana and to identify any individuals she had been living with during her years away from home.

For now, Navarro is not facing any charges, and the focus remains on her well-being and understanding the circumstances that led to her disappearance and eventual reappearance.



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