BREAKING: Meryl Streep Gets HORRIBLE News – Her Fans Are SHOCKED


Meryl Streep is getting trashed by her Chanel designer for backing out of her dress!

Streep picked out a dress from Chanel and contacted them about wearing it to the Oscars. She went as far as getting alterations and everything. Just for Streep to backout at the last minute!

From ENV News Daily:

They ordered the dress – at a cost of $105,000!! – and modified it to her exact specifications only to receive a call from one of her assistants who told them to cancel the dress because they found someone who would not only give her a dress – but also pay her to wear it at the Oscars!

Inside edition says that Meryl Streep did not change her mind because of money, no, they have another valid assumption. Streep didn’t get the dress because this designer designs Our First ladies dresses and everyone knows how liberal Streep is anti-Trump.

Watch below:

The Chanel designer said this about Streep: “A genius actress, but cheapness also, no?”

Honestly… I could care less what she wares. She can go in her birthday suit for all I care. I won’t be watching the awards. The price is ridiculous. She should give the money to the illegal aliens that she is in favor of.



6 thoughts on “BREAKING: Meryl Streep Gets HORRIBLE News – Her Fans Are SHOCKED

  1. The Hollywood elite must employ these illegals ….Since they don’t believe in paying for a honest days work.. The worst people our society has to offer. They don’t have a identity since they a re playing so many roles. Demands on the American People with their hatred of our President elected by the American People.

  2. Of course she needs the extra $$$ Cheap bitch she is! Shes lucky they could even cloth a woman with the shape of a channel marker!

  3. “When the powerful uses their position to bully we all lose.” The pot calling the kettle black!!! Not watching Oscars.. Hollywood elites Stroking one another and “puking” their disrespect of the American voters… Grow Up!!! #shutthattowndown

  4. She is nothing, Just another POS, like Whoopi Goldberg. All the Liberals and other crybabies. need to go somewhere else where they can be happy.

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