Immigrants Irate About What North Carolina Employer Is Now Forcing Them To Do

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Dr. Marilyn Pearson, health director at the Johnston county  health department in North Carolina made a new work requirement, speak English only while you’re on the job!

Immigrants are outraged over this and liberals think it’s oppressive…of course, liberals think EVERYTHING is oppressive. But the fact of the matter is, if their foreign language is affecting team work and over moral of the people you work with, then it’s affecting the job.

Dr. Marilyn Pearson has every right to make this requirement. It’s in her best interest to have her employees working together without being hindered. Also, since this isn’t required for only one minority group but for all foreign languages, there is nothing “oppressive” or illegal about it.

From Freedom daily:

Pearson indicated in the staff-wide e-mail that English-speaking employees have expressed concern for other languages spoken in the office, making it difficult to communicate and, ultimately, complete tasks. “For the comfort of employees and to be respectful of others who do not share that language, staff are asked to speak English in the office when not on breaks or personal time,” her email read.

Below is a clip from a similar situation, except employees were fired for not speaking any English. Feds then sued the company.

Learn English if you want to live in America. It used to be a requirement in America that you had to learn English in speaking and writing before you could become a Legal Citizen and it still should be. If you are an illegal immigrant, you have no rights to gripe about anything.

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2 thoughts on “Immigrants Irate About What North Carolina Employer Is Now Forcing Them To Do

  1. What in the name of all that’s HOLY is going on? If I move to another country it is place to LEARN their LANGUAGE. Come to the USA you learn the language. I move to the USA Learn the LANGUAGE.

  2. The majority do not respect our country…. They are here for the entitlements and jobs….Shame on the employer’s that hire these people rather than American Citizens that speak the American Language.

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