Liberal Gestapo CUT THE POWER, What These Patriots Did Is Pure Genius!


If you wat to get me talking, you mention one thing about off the grid power solution and I am a happy, happy guy.

I have always thought that on a personal choice level, if you want to live off the grid that’s perfectly fine. I live in Michigan, and there is always a danger that when the winter comes you are going to find yourself in a situation where a tree falls and hits a power line. What are you going to do then? We saw what just happened in Texas..

Anyway, I have solar power on top of my house, and I have a small wind turbine that produces electricity. I even have something rigged into my wood stove when I am heating my house in the winter. It’s great, and if you ever need it you have it. All it takes is me pressing one button.

Now, there are some people that have generators for their places of business, especially if you have freezers and things of that nature. One way that liberals have been trying to punish people who don’t think the lockdown orders are worth a damn is cutting the power to their businesses…

On March 8, a judge granted a temporary restraining order that allowed Burbank officials to shut down the popular Tinhorn Flats, a western-themed restaurant that refused to abide by California’s draconian lockdown orders.

Business Insider reports – On July 1, Los Angeles County officials ordered restaurants to halt indoor dining. From November 25 to January 29, outdoor dining was prohibited too.

But the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health received dozens of complaints saying that Tinhorn Flats was still offering outdoor dining. An investigation found that it was still serving food and alcohol in its outdoor seating area and that diners were allowed to sit close to one another despite social-distancing rules.

The department ordered Tinhorn Flats to stop serving diners — but it didn’t.

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In response, the department suspended Tinhorn Flats’ public-health permit and told the restaurant to discontinue all operations.

At each follow-up inspection, however, the department found that the restaurant continued to offer outdoor dining. This meant that in addition to violating the order prohibiting outdoor dining, Tinhorn Flats was operating on a suspended public-health permit. The department fully revoked the permit, but the restaurant continued serving customers onsite, the department said.

Tinhorn Flats operated “in flagrant violation” of the county’s orders, Burbank officials said in a report in late February.

“This is without question injurious to health and poses a serious risk to patrons, the neighborhood and community-at-large, therefore constituting a public nuisance,” the officials added.

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