One Judge Just Said Biden Will NOT GET AWAY WITH IT!


It’s always nice to see someone do the right thing. Believe it or not, despite that calls in the past year from liberals for everyone to be nice and try to work with each other, there hasn’t been a whole lot of that from them. It’s mostly been them cheating and trying to weasel out of it if they get caught.

That’s the good thing I suppose, when one of them does get caught is that it lets everyone know how hard they are being watched. Then again, if you have someone like the President of the United States that is orchestrating the cheating, there isn’t a whole lot that can be done.

The most that you can do is make sure that he never, ever, does it again…

On Monday Georgia Superior Judge Brian Amero says that he is inclined to release the votes from Fulton County in order for them to do an audit of the voting in that county.

He says it’s important to determine exactly what happened so that voters can have confidence in future election results.

The entire affair came about after Voter GA co-founder Garland Favorito noticed that at one point in the election results he noticed some strange happenings.

For some strange reason, a lot of Trump votes disappeared and an enormous amount of Biden votes appeared at the same time.

That got him wondering, so he continued to study the Dominion Voting machines and the irregularities that seemed to plague the vote count.

He knew he could be on to something after Ware County, Georgia decided to test a voting tabulator by running 100 votes for Trump and 100 votes for Biden through it.

So, what did the results say? Biden 113 Trump 87. Somehow thirteen votes got switched from Trump to Biden.

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1 thought on “One Judge Just Said Biden Will NOT GET AWAY WITH IT!

  1. There still are Judges who can distinguish between right and wrong,The Obama judges have a hard time with that as they all are Democrats

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