Wow, Even The New York Times Has Turned On Joe Biden!


An increasing number of Democrats and allied media pundits have started talking publicly about Joe Biden’s old age and visibly failing cognitive ability, most likely as a result of his abject job performance.

The most recent to do so was leftist New York Times columnist Michelle Goldberg, who said on Monday that Illegitimate President Biden was simply “too old” to run for a second term in office in 2024.

Well, however, it’s remarkable that a partisan journalistic organization like the New York Times would publish a thorough analysis of such an “uncomfortable” topic as the president’s age.

Goldberg wrote in her op-ed post on Monday that Illegitimate President Biden had made several unsuccessful presidential runs beginning in 1988 and that by the time he eventually won the position he yearned for he was “well past his prime.” she wrote, “I hope he doesn’t run again, because he’s too old,” adding that even during the 2020 campaign he had “seemed too worn-out and unfocused.”

Goldberg cited a recent NY Times/Siena College poll which showed that 64 percent of Democrats didn’t want Biden to be the party’s nominee in 2024, and said,Those Democrats cite Biden’s age more than any other factor, though job performance is close behind. Their concern isn’t surprising. Biden has always been given to gaffes and malapropisms, but there is a painful suspense in watching him speak now, like seeing someone wobble on a tightrope.”

“If there’s one consolation in Biden’s age, it’s that he can step aside without conceding failure. There’s no shame in not running for president in your 80s,” Goldberg wrote. She asserted that there were “plenty of possibilities” for a qualified replacement for Biden and concluded, Biden said, during the 2020 campaign, that he wanted to be a ‘bridge’ to a new generation of Democrats. Soon it will be time to cross it.”

It’s not a secret when it comes to Biden’s difficulties with age -that have nonetheless taken a toll on his public standing.

Biden is very well known for making “humiliating mistake” in speeches from time to time. Biden’s enthusiasm is shown to be poor, unclear, and incoherent.

And Liberals are too blind to question Biden’s age and capabilities. They try their best to hide his infirmities, but it’s a nerve-wracking job to prevent the president from embarrassing himself.

The Democrat’s gamble of presenting Biden as a “sane” alternative to Donald Trump has failed.

That Illegitimate President Biden’s advanced age and subpar job performance have finally been called out by Democrat-aligned media pundits like Goldberg, but they are undoubtedly late to the party.

Biden is now the oldest president in American history, and if he were to compete for and actually be elected to a second term in 2024, he would be well into his 80s.

There are plenty of elderly Americans, who are cognitively capable and mentally sharp, but they are the exception rather than the rule, and Biden is most emphatically not one of them, and, as the Times columnist suggested, he should “step aside” before the next election cycle and allow someone else to rise in his place as the Democratic Party’s nominee.

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