Hundreds Of ARRESTS Made After Massive Dark Web Operation!


Police in Europe and the United States announced Tuesday the arrest of 150 people who allegedly bought and sold significant volumes of drugs, weapons, and other illegal goods on the dark web.

The arrested individuals are part of an international law enforcement operation to disrupt the global trade of opioids and other drugs via the Darknet.

North America, Europe, and Australia were amongst the involved countries, and dozens of American and foreign law enforcement agencies are involved in extensive cooperation of the so-called “Operation Dark HunTor.”

Germany appears to have a prominent role in all of this, as 47 of the 150 total arrests took place in Germany, the second-highest number behind the 65 in the United States.

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the operation has also resulted in the seizure of over $31.6 million in cash and cryptocurrencies.

The Department of Justice has noted: “Operation Dark Hunter resulted in the seizure of over $31.6 million in both cash and virtual currencies.”

It was also confirmed by the authorities that there are 2 individuals from Texas who are charged with mailing methamphetamines to buyers in Tennessee and elsewhere. There are about $5 million of profits are being monitored from this operation alone.

The collaborative operation will, according to the agencies involved, cause significant disruption to the ability of traffickers to move hazardous drugs to the addicts who might otherwise contribute to those statistics.

As the case is still under investigation, it was expected that the number of suspects will arise.

Such a clever move by the Department of Justice, simply indicates how capable the United States are.

Source: NewsHourFirst

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