He Broke Into A House, Why He Called 911 Is Totally Hilarious!


A hilarious turn of events when a  Northern Michigan man and a home invader call 911 for help.

Kevin William Tighe, 43, is now facing charges after he got lost while trying to escape the police, and had to call 911.

Tighe was arrested on Oct. 6 after it’s alleged that he broke into a couple’s home in Williamsburg, east of Traverse City, according to Michigan State Police.

Police said a woman was watching television when she saw a man who she thought was her husband walk into the room. However, she realized it was not her husband and started screaming, causing her husband to come downstairs and tell the man to leave.

A canine team was called in but was unable to locate him. Later that evening Tighe called 911 to report he was lost, police said.

The home invader was then rescued and dispatch-informed troopers of the last known coordinates of Tighe. When troopers arrived, Tighe flagged them down and he was taken into custody and lodged in the Grand Traverse County Jail.

Tighe was arraigned in the 86th District Court in Grand Traverse County and was charged with breaking and entering without permission and resisting and obstructing police and it was reported that he was given a $1,000 bond.

This has almost the case to an attempted robbery at an ATM where the victim was running for his life calling 911 for help as his intended victim is a licensed gun carrier.

Sources: Deep State Rabbit Hole, Fox New Detroit

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