Crooked Hillary’s Best Girl Huma Is Back And Spilling The Beans!


It seems Hillary won’t be off the hook for a while as new controversy starting to unviel. She’s becoming the queen of the most horrific controversial issues.

Anthony Weiner's

Recently, Anthony Weiner’s Estranged Wife, Huma Abedin claims that she was sexually assaulted by a U.S. Senator while working for then-Senator Clinton at some point in the mid-2000s. Yikes!

In an upcoming memoir, Huma describes a scenario that resembles a sexual assault that is now being advertised as a tell-all which will discuss her marriage to Anthony Weiner and her time in the Clinton inner circle.

The Guardian has confirmed that they have obtained an advance copy of the thing and confirms that Abedin’s book does not provide any useful hints that may reveal the identity of the Senator whom he accused of.

She describes attending a dinner with several senators and important aides. Abedin eventually left with the unnamed senator and accompanied him into his place of residence.

The “assault” which then occurred consisted of this anonymous senator kissing Abedin and then apologizing and saying that he had misread the situation when she rebuffed his advances.

But Abedin has claimed that she have buried the traumatic incident in her mind and remained friendly with the Senator and only remembered it when the Kavanaugh nomination occurred in 2018.

As of this writing, we still have not confirmed if who is the senator involved in Abedin’s claim but one thing is for sure, he is a democrat.

Non the less, if it was a Republican Senator, we can assume that Anthony Weiner’s wife would not be defending his reputation by keeping his name out of her book.

Regardless of his identity, it is interesting that someone who was married to Anthony Weiner and employed by a Clinton employs such a lax definition of sexual assault.

Sources: News Hours First, The Guardian

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