Horrifying Photos Expose What Biden Is Doing To People At The Border…


As the Biden administration grapples with the ongoing illegal immigration crisis, newly released images of holding centers along the southern border reveal migrants packed together amid disturbing conditions.

The Biden regime has tried for months to keep the public from seeing images like those that emerged Monday exclusively obtained by the Washington Examiner showing illegal aliens into  U.S. custody at the border.

Here’s what The Washington Examiner reported:

Videos and images taken by three Border Patrol agents in the Del Rio Sector provide a rare look into the government’s well-planned reaction to the mayhem the border has descended into over the past 18 months. Both the enormous tents that Border Patrol has erected as overflow processing facilities and the holding facilities themselves are off-limits to the media.

The aim was not to stop illegal immigration, which is occurring at the highest level in American history, in interviews with agents. The objective is to process individuals who arrive unintentionally into the system, release them into the United States rather than send them back to their place of origin. One Border Patrol agent said who spoke to the Washington Examiner, if anyone could see inside they would be horrified by the scope of the migrant holding program.

“I think they’d be disgusted — not because it’s dirty. It’s not dirty at all. “The agent who works at the newest enormous tent complex outside of Eagle Pass, Texas, where migrants are processed, said, “I think they’d be outraged at the situation and that nobody can wrap their head around what’s going on.

Within a day or two of being detained, those kept in the facilities are frequently released into the US, sent back to their country of origin, or made to be deported to Mexico.

People are unable to lie down without touching each other in various areas of the facilities. Some migrants have been compelled to congregate outside the facilities, finding cover under improvised tents constructed of Mylar blankets, police caution tape, and sandbags while experiencing nighttime temperatures that drop to around freezing.

In other pictures, luggage is seen being piled up in the facilities, adding to the already crowded spaces as families line the hallways. Several refugees were visible without masks, despite the fact that many were.

“Since the groups are so large, there’s no room for where we do the intake, so they have to take them to the rec area,” said the first Border Patrol agent, referring to an area with green artificial grass.

Throughout President Biden’s first year in office, the number of encounters with migrants grew gradually until they peaked in July at over 213,000. Then, for three consecutive months, apprehensions decreased until rising once more in November– until now.

“There’s no plans for it to end. They wouldn’t have opened this huge new facility if it was going to end,” the Border Patrol agent added.

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