Hollywood Legend Sharon Stone Just Dropped A Truth Bomb About Cancel Culture…


Sharon Stone recently appeared on SiriusXM’s Just Jenny show to promote her new book, The Beauty of Living Twice.

During the interview, she took the opportunity to speak out against cancel culture, calling it “the stupidest thing” she has ever encountered throughout her career. She said that people should “grow some empathy” instead of canceling others for their unpopular mistakes.

Stone defended actor Christian Bale after he went on a curse-ridden rant on the set of Terminator: Salvation, saying that cancel culture is a “brilliant opportunity” for everyone to learn and grow. She also defended her experience working with Woody Allen as “professional” and “wonderful.”

Stone admitted in her book that she was tricked into the infamous Basic Instinct scene and felt pressured to sleep with her costars throughout her career. The scene has become one of the most criticized in film history, and Stone has publicly criticized her role in it. However, she became an international sex symbol and superstar in Hollywood because of it.

Stone believes that cancel culture is small-minded and that people should have an opportunity to discuss things before being canceled over a statement or a misunderstanding. She said that people come from different backgrounds and have had different experiences, and cancel culture doesn’t allow for growth and understanding.

“Stop being so small. The world is bigger. People have done so much more than one sentence. Like, grow up. Grow some empathy,” she said.

Despite the controversy surrounding her career and Basic Instinct, Stone continues to speak out against cancel culture and the double standards that exist in society.

WATCH the video below for more details:

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