Her Five Year Old Son Said He Had A Identical Twin At School, She Absolutely Broke Down When She Saw The Photo…


A photo of two classmates on “Twin Day” is melting hearts online. Read the heartwarming story below…

Two of the cutest then 5-year-old friends posed for a photo at school, complete with their coordinating outfits and adorable smiles. However, an awestruck mother couldn’t believe what she saw when she looked at the picture.

Being a parent is a full-time job. That’s why when Britney Tankersley‘s son Myles suddenly told her at 8:00 PM that he needed matching clothes for him and his “twin” the next day, it was not surprising. At first, she got annoyed by the last-minute request.

Photo Credit: Facebook/Britney Tankersley

So after an hour, she tracked down the classmate’s mother and went to Walmart near her home in Alabama and bought two “Future Leader” button-downs, which were “the only decent shirts left” in their sizes.

“He went on and on about how they looked exactly the same,” Tankersley said. “‘We both have brown eyes, we both have dark hair,’ and he was just adamant … so I head to Walmart and I’m like, irritated. I’m like, this is too late. I’m too old for this.”

So when he left for school in the morning, she asked his teacher to take a photo of Myles and his twin, who she did not know. Myles insisted they were twins and she wanted to see if they resembled each other.

When the photo arrived, she was in tears.

“I was basically crying because it was so sweet,” Tankersley said. “Obviously, I know that they don’t look alike at all. But he didn’t see that, you know? I expect to get a picture of another white child with light skin and brown hair, whatever, but I didn’t get that at all. And I said ‘That is the sweetest thing in the whole world.’”

Photo Credit: Facebook/Britney Tankersley

Tankersley shared the photo on her personal Facebook page which went viral and was shared 200,000 times and counting till now.

“It’s so crazy,” she said. “My objective is never to be in the spotlight, but I think the message is more important than how much it exploded.”

Myles and Tanner are “the best of buddies,” according to Tankersley, and live a few minutes away from each other, and the families have also been able to spend time together since Twin Day.

“All the teachers at school are so excited,” added Tankersley. “There’s always a lot of kids that dress up that don’t look alike, but this was unique. I was kind of put in my place because I was expecting to see something totally different, and that’s not what it was at all.”

We are told by Jesus to be childlike, and this story reminds us of the pure hearts and minds of children and how readily they can love and forgive others. Let us walk in love towards everybody and accept each other as children of the same God.

Watch the video report below:

Sources: OpposingViews, Today

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