He Was Standing In His Lawn When He Fell Upon A Treasure From Nearly 100 Years Ago…


Have you ever thought about getting a metal detector and scouring your yard for hidden treasures? You may want to consider it, especially after hearing about the amazing discovery made by a New Jersey couple. Rich and Suzanne Gilson uncovered a batch of money that had been buried almost 100 years ago under the surface of their front yard.

The money was buried around the time of the Great Depression in the 1930s, and the Gilsons were able to find it because they were excavating their yard for renovations. While digging, Rich first came across some glass, which he carefully dug around, and then he found what he thought were root balls.

Upon closer inspection, he realized they were wads of money wrapped in burlap. There were two burlap-wrapped wads of money that had been in the glass jar that had broken from being underground for so many years.

The money, which amounted to more than $1,000 in 10- and 20-dollar bills, all had the date 1934 printed on them. While the bills would have been worth about $2,000 back in 1934, they’re worth much more today. In fact, the total collector value for the money the South Jersey couple found in their front yard would total about $40,000 by today’s standards.

The Gilsons were curious about who buried the money and, after researching their property from the 1930s, they found out that the man who buried the cash was James Dempsey. During the Great Depression, he instructed his daughter to bury the money as a way to protect their savings.

However, the family buried the money and forgot about it, losing their hidden treasure in the process. The Gilsons, on the other hand, were rewarded for their efforts with an amazing find that not only had face value but also had collector value, making it a profitable discovery.

If you’re considering renovations or just want to see what treasures your yard may hold, it might be worth investing in a metal detector. You never know what riches may be waiting just below the surface of your property.

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