He Rushed To The Hospital To Meet His New Granddaughter, Then He Found Out It Was All A Big Lie….


Many times, parents-to-be have a preference for their baby’s gender. Even if the preference is small, there is oftentimes a little twinge of desire for a boy or a girl.

While they may be the most precious in the sights of their parents, they bring a whole new level of joy to grandparents, who get to indulge in the pleasure of having children again but without all the direct responsibility that comes with being a parent. It’s no wonder then that grandchildren hold such special places in the hearts of their grandparents.

One such happy grandfather is Landry James of Breese, Illinois.

For three generations, Landry has been the only male in his family. Landry grew up with two sisters, so even in his childhood, he was surrounded mostly by females. He then got married and had children four beautiful daughters. Of course, Landry loves his daughters and adores being their father, but something was still missing.

Not until his daughter Carie Elbe was due to deliver her baby, James’ third grandchild. Everyone in the family was excited, including grandpa Landry.

What James was unaware of was the fact that Carie had found out at 20 weeks of her pregnancy that she was expecting a baby boy. She shared the information with everyone else in the family other than her father and asked all of them to keep it a secret. She wanted to give her dad a surprise he would absolutely flip over.

Landry was very happy to welcome another granddaughter into the family, but Carie knew that after having lived with only women for so long, having a boy in the family would be something he would really love.

Then, on the day the baby was born, they revealed the gender to Landry and that he was finally the grandfather to a baby boy. Even more special, the baby was born on Landry’s birthday and the parents named him Landry James.

Watch Landry’s reaction to his new grandson. A video captured the moment her dad found out the gender reveal — and he couldn’t believe it!

From AWM:

Carie asks, “so what do you think of another baby girl?” He comments about the color of the baby’s hair and spends a moment appreciating this sweet new arrival.

Then Carie begins to pull away the blanket to reveal the big surprise: a t-shirt that says “FYI: I’m a boy!”

Grandpa Landry doesn’t immediately take notice, but finally gets clued in, as you hear him say “a what?”

He still seems unsure, as Carie waits for the gender reveal to finally register, and he wonders why the baby is wearing the shirt. Carie explains “because it’s a boy.”

His reaction? “No way.” He’s still totally stunned, as she says his name is “Landry James.”

Grandpa finally is on board, calling everyone “brats” jokingly, then laughing and smiling about the amazing news.

How Carie kept this secret her entire pregnancy is admirable, considering he wanted to know the gender, but she never tipped him off to this unexpected surprise nor did the other family members who knew the secret.

Watch it here: CratersClips/Youtube

Source: AWM

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