His Son Just Said Five Words, And Then They Put Him Under Arrest…


The toddler boy just assisted the police in arresting his father.

According to testimony from the toddler’s grandmother, Karen, the young kid, now three, told Judge John M. Deitch that he had witnessed “Daddy choke mama,” after the father who was a former professional wrestler was caught, the father murdered his ex-girlfriend and placed her half-naked body in a duffel bag, he abducted the toddler boy and fled from law enforcement but his attempt to flee was failed.

Former professional wrestler Tyler Rios, 28, who was roughly 230 pounds performed a wrestling maneuver before placing his arm across the young woman’s Yasemin Uyar, 24, -throat. Suffocating her and putting an end to her life last July 2021.

The man later kept Yasemin’s body hidden inside a duffel back in the trunk of the car, after he murdered Yasmin in her home in Rahway and fled the scene with their 2-year-old kid, Sebastian Rios, Tyler drove the boy over a stately landscape to Tennessee.

When Sebastian did not show up for daycare and Yasemin did not show up to her scheduled shift at her job. The mother and boy were reported missing from their house on July 9, 2021. People started to worry. But Sebastian was found in Monterey, Tennessee discovered to be in possession of his father.

Officers found Yasemin’s body, naked from the waist down, in a duffel bag in a wooded area nearby only a few hours after Tyler was discovered.

Karen Uyar, the mother of Yasemin, Sebastian’s grandmother said that Tyler and her daughter were friends from high school but had not been a couple since shortly after the birth of their son. She said that Tyler had repeatedly abused her daughter and that a restraining order had been issued against him.

The former professional wrestler handed his kid “a lifetime of painful experiences,” according to Karen, she said that Sebastian remembers his father killing his mother and that his father talked about killing her virtually every day. After his father choked her to death, Sebastian can even recall how chilly his mother’s body was.

“He’s a little boy. He shouldn’t have to deal with these things, As a parent, you are supposed to love, cherish and protect your child. Instead, he repeatedly exposed Sebastian to hate, jealousy, violence, and ultimately the death of his mother,” Karen said.

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