LAST WEEK Giants’ Odell Beckham Jr. “PEED” On The Field and Spat On Our Flag. This Week He Left The Field Crying Like A Baby

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I guess the saying remains true: “Let the players play, let the haters hate, and let KARMA handle their fate.” 

New York Giants player Odell Beckham Jr. sure learned that the hard way in what may be his last game.

Remember, what you do now will come back to you in the future.

And life sure has a funny way of making you deal with what you make others go through.

Last week, according to 100percentfedup, after the New York Giants player Odell Beckham Jr., kneeled for our national anthem, he scored a pair of touchdowns in the team’s 27-24 loss to the Eagles and celebrated the scores in very different ways…

Very disgusting ways.

Sports Illustrated reported:

After an impressive toe-tap catch in the back of the end zone, Beckham Jr. drew a flag for pretending like he was peeing on the Lincoln Financial Field surface.

This week, the disrespectful NFL player had a much different experience on the field:

The alarming Giants season is going full disaster.

Odell Beckham Jr. was carted off the field in the closing minutes of Sunday’s home loss, 27-22, to the Chargers, the team’s fourth (and best) wide receiver to be hurt on the day.

Beckham went down on a pass that fell incomplete with about 4 minutes left in the game, the Giants up 22-20 at the time, before they promptly blew the game. He rose for the catch then came down awkwardly, his ankle appearing to get caught under cornerback Casey Howard.

He has a broken left ankle. ESPN reported he will seek a second opinion before deciding on the next course of action. –NYP

Here’s the video:

Life sure is a Boomerang! What these NFL players are giving out is sure coming back around to bite them in the butt.


24 thoughts on “LAST WEEK Giants’ Odell Beckham Jr. “PEED” On The Field and Spat On Our Flag. This Week He Left The Field Crying Like A Baby

  1. You rap what you sow. Other players should be forewarned. Their careers are almost over! Actually football is almost over. They gave destroyed the game. I will never watch those ignorant disrespectful rebellious children again.

  2. He’ll have to KNEEL down to PEE from now on.
    But he can do that at home since his football days are OVER. These guys are so stupid…..Don’t they realize their own worse enemy is THEMSELVES ??
    Go find a job somewhere else…IDIOT !! No one cares about you, your paycheck, or your personal problems……….BOYCOTT. NFL. !!

  3. P.o.s.dirtbag…I hope he was in extreme pain…maybe he.’ll have some respect for our military that have lost legs completely for his freedom to be a dirtbag

  4. He’s too stupid to realize you don’t do stupid stuff cause karma will get you. Hope it’s so bad he can never play again and has to get a job washing dishes.

  5. He went in a big baby & came out a naughty baby! He got what he deserved! Too late bud, YOU ARE DONE!!!?

  6. Couldn’t have happened to a more disgusting , demented , unpatriotic fool , who’s an insult to his race and mankind .

  7. I just hope the people that live for football will have enough respect for all of the men that have died for that flag will boycott football,those players that disrespect our countery dont deserve to live in this country not alone earn 2 million a year paycheck

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