EWW! What Did Joe Biden Say To This Little Girl After He Sat On His Lap?


Damn! Joe Biden couldn’t help his perverted self.

On Thursday, Joe Biden signed into law a bill to award four Congressional Gold Medals — the highest civilian honor given by Congress — to Capitol Police and other law enforcement personnel who protected the U.S. Capitol during Jan. 6 protest.

Well, Joe Biden lied about the January 6 Capitol protest and said two officers were killed that day.

During his bill signing, he invited the children of officers who defended the Capitol on Jan. 6th.

Then, he called the children of the officers up to his bill signing and commanded the children to come near to him, and aggressively pulled up a small girl to come near his body and whispered something into the girl’s ear.

You can see through the face of the young girl that she was not comfortable with how Biden had held and whispered to her.

This is not the first time that Biden had done something to a young girl.

Here is an excerpt from New York Post report:

President Joe Biden raised eyebrows — and a few alarms — Friday when he lavishly complimented a little girl on her appearance during remarks at a Virginia military base.

“I love those barrettes in your hair, man,” Biden said. “I tell you what, look at her, she looks like she’s 19 years old, sitting there like a little lady with her legs crossed.”

The girl in question, who appeared to be elementary school age, had joined her parents and two older brothers on the podium while her mother introduced the president at Joint Base Langley-Eustis in Hampton, Virginia.

Sources: The Gateway Pundit, New York Post

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