Oh Jesus….Dementia Joe Is Purposely Scaring Babies! [VIDEO]


Joe’s creepy attitude towards babies and children makes me sick.  I mean, he just can’t handle himself when he’s around children. He really has to sniff, kiss, and fondle them.

Joe Biden’s legacy has been unfolded with his ascending failures not only for Americans but almost from around the world.

His most recent disappointment is the unconstitutional vaccine mandate. Every American citizen stood up to that and gave their honest feelings.

The recent poll conducted by the Convention of States Action and The Trafalgar Group shows that the majority of Americans do not approve of President Joe Biden’s new vaccine mandate.

Convention of States Action released new polling Monday that showed 58.6% of those surveyed “do not believe President Biden has the constitutional authority to force private businesses to require vaccine mandates for employees.”

That’s a mandate that slaps him hard in the face.

Well, let’s not forget how manipulative his mask mandates too, right? But some politicians under his administration seems makes the protocol complicated, it was a group of French politicians who calls for the continuation of “Mask mandates” but it seems they got revealed on a live tv broadcast, watch that here:

Now speaking of manipulative mandates, President Joe Biden himself could not really please Americans with his presidential performance, after giving remarks on climate change and wind turbines, a maskless Joe Biden mingled with the crowd then there goes a baby refused to kiss or sniff with him. Kids can tell, as they say, right?

Watch the video here: Youtube/FoxNews Media

Shame Biden! The so-called President himself didn’t even realize he is putting at risk of covid the baby, or maybe he is not aware of it? or he forgot because he got Alzheimer’s, right?

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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