Idiot Juan Williams Just “Apologized” To Obama For Us, Then He Got Destroyed


Fox News resident, Juan Williams, apologized to Barrack Obama on behalf of right-wingers… Why is he speaking for us?

Seriously, why is a former Hillary supporter speaking for conservatives? Juan Williams compared the way Trump is being treated by mainstream media to how Obama is being treated by right wing media. Then he actually apologized to him on the behalf of conservatives.

From Conservative 101:

Stated Williams, “Right-wing media to President Obama: We are so very sorry.”

He talked about how the Wall Street Journal recently criticized Trump, and said, “Will right-wing talk radio follow the Journal’s example? Imagine the reaction from far-right talk radio — the people who raised hell and their ratings by attacking Obama daily with accusations about fake scandals — if the 44thpresident had lied about his predecessor or if people in his circle had been taking money from Russia.”

Twitter was not happy with this statement from Williams and they destroyed him for it!

This is what Juan Williams thinks about the Right side…

Dear Mr. Williams, Do not EVER apologize for me (a conservative) to anyone especially to Obama a man that gave America away for 8 years and does not have the decency to go away and give President Trump a chance to prove what he is capable of.

7 thoughts on “Idiot Juan Williams Just “Apologized” To Obama For Us, Then He Got Destroyed

  1. Well it seems that Mr. Williams has a lot in common with Obama, embarrasing America by apologizing for us when we are not apologizing. I will have you know Mr. Williams that those of us who voted for Mr. Trump for president are proud and we are not apologizing to anyone whose entire service to the people was to dismantle and destroy our country. This man needs to apologize to the American people for not upholding his office and promise to serve America and keep her safe. Mr. Williams, if you can not say something intelligent just stop talking.

  2. Mr. Williams, you sir, are a moron. I don’t need you or anyone else to apologize to B. HUSSEIN Obama for me. He is the worst president that this country ever has endured and I believe the only reason he was elected both times was because of massive voter fraud. Mr. Obama did nothing for this country. He has been standing with his miserable hand poked out since the day he was born. He and his wife, Moochelle, bled us dry for their enjoyment. How many villas did we have to rent in Hawaii for G.W. Bush, G. H. W. Bush, or Ronald Reagan? None! They “vacationed” at their own homes/ranches, oh yeah, that’s right, because the grifter didn’t OWN anything! So, speaking for myself and many other conservatives, mind your own business Juan, we don’t need you!

  3. Obama had the chance to be the first black president and to show the rest of America that blacks can be great and instead he totally f**ked it up.

  4. FOX needs to kick your dumb ass onto the unemployment line, it is getting shorter but still fairly long thanks to your savior and worst pres .in our history. Get your crying towel, Trump is our President and he has already done more for our country than Obama did in his eight years, wise up.

  5. Mr Williams, I don’t need you to speak for me. I’m perfectly able to speak for myself, So I say …………………………….. …Go Trump!! and bye Felicia…

  6. jaun williams is a moron. he will never have the right to apoligize for trump supporters.the freakin moron thinks hes so smart but hes not because obama made a sucker out of him

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