Biden’s Mental Health DEFINITELY Becoming A National Security Risk!


Americans are totally aware of Joe Biden’s declining mental health even before he took office, but this time is different, his mental health is becoming worst and it totally affects everything he has to say.

On Monday, Senate Foreign Relations Committee member Sen. Rand Paul blasted Biden’s declining mental, saying that Joe Biden’s apparently declining mental faculties present a “national security risk” that could see the US dragged into a war with Russia.

Biden earlier appeared to call for Russian President Vladimir Putin’s removal from power, before walking back the statement, then making it again.

WLT commented on Joe’s declining mental health causing all this mess:

U.S. troops on the ground in Ukraine? Potentially using chemical weapons on Russia? Regime change in Russia?

All of these are statements that Joe Biden uttered in recent weeks, statements that U.S. officials and representatives have had to walk back, or categorically deny.

Biden went on to deny ever making those statements when confronted by Peter Doocy, and the sad part is I can’t tell if he is lying, or if he legitimately does not remember saying these things.

Rand Paul recently told Jesse Watters of Fox News that Biden’s gaffes have escalated into a national security risk.

These gaffes were funny when Biden was confusing his wife for his sister, but they are not funny when they could potentially trigger a world war, Watters said.

Below is what Sen. Rand Paul had this to say:

Fox News reported:

At a press conference earlier Monday, Biden said he stood by his comment over the weekend that Putin “cannot remain in power” and claimed it was not an official U.S. policy change in favor of removing the dictator from power.

“But, you know, he lives in an alternate universe where he just says they’re not true and he didn’t say them. So, I guess you’re supposed to look the other way. But even the left-wing media is noticing these gaffes. So, I do think that it is a real problem,” Paul said according to Breitbart.

Sources: WeLoveTrump, Breitbart, Fox News

1 thought on “Biden’s Mental Health DEFINITELY Becoming A National Security Risk!

  1. Give me a break. People are just figuring this out now? Lying Corrupt Quid Pro KING Joe was a National Security risk before he became president and so was Bill Clinton. Corrupt Quid pro is a compromised president. (a traitor) Corrupt Quid Pro made a lot of money under the table from Communist China. Corrupt Quid Pro is beholden and owned by Communist China. Bill Clinton is another POTUS that sold out to Communist China. during the Clinton Administration, Communist China was looking for Satellite Technology. This Technology had a State Dept. License on it. The DOD warned Clinton not to approve the sale as this technology and duel use applications (Military and Civilian). So what did Bill do? Bill had the State Dept. License changed to the Commerce Dept., making it easier for Communist China to obtain this Technology. Now Communist China can target their ICBM’s at American cities with greater accuracy thanks to Bill. If the ex-Soviet KGB wannabes would vet presidential candidates the way they are supposed to be vetted, they wouldn’t have let Corrupt Quid Pro near the W/H. They were too busy investigating the fraudulent Trump and Russia. Then again the FBI would have approved Charles Mansion, just to get rid of Trump. The FBI, The DOJ and the previous Obama Administration committed their own little insurrection within the government to get rid of Trump. Jan 06th is small potatoes, considering what the government did internally.

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