CNN Caught In Massive Lawsuit! They Are In HUGE Trouble!


James O’Keefe has filed a defamation lawsuit against Twitter after the Project Veritas founder was permanently banned from the platform.

Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe is taking action after being permanently banned from Twitter, with plans to go after CNN with a defamation lawsuit, during his appearance in “Sunday Morning Futures.”

Fox News Reports:

“There are people on Twitter who are impersonating me who still remain on Twitter,” he said. “I will depose [Jack Dorsey] under oath… And tomorrow I will sue CNN.”

Project Veritas has already launched a lawsuit against Twitter for defamation in New York after the social media giant removed the founder for exposing CNN for manipulating political events. Twitter claimed O’Keefe was removed from the platform for operating fake accounts, which he denied.

O’Keefe said he’s expanding the lawsuit to challenge CNN after anchor Ana Cabrera made claims on air that Project Veritas’ Twitter ban was the product of spreading disinformation.

“Not even Twitter alleges that I was banned, or Project Veritas was banned, for disinformation,” he said. “Every day in this country people are defamed and lied about constantly and they don’t have the will, the money, the resources to fight back. So Veritas is going to be the tip of that spear.”

The ability to sue Twitter and CNN stands on the grounds of libel lawsuits, which O’Keefe said will be an easy win with the video evidence supplied. He said Project Veritas has never lost a lawsuit in corporate history.

Two weeks ago Project Veritas released a third bombshell undercover video of CNN Director Charlie Chester admitting that the network is “trying to help” Black Lives Matter by protecting their narrative on race.

Chester admits that they have only been pushing stories that implicate white people, during a conversation with a Tinder date that ended up being a Project Veritas reporter.

Chester admitted that while researching Asian hate, they found that it is mostly black men attacking them — so they did not dig in deeper.

A few hours later Twitter banned James O’Keefe’s account with nearly 1 million followers.

CNN host Ana Cabrera said the Twitter ban was a result of a ‘misinformation crackdown.’

Watch it here (O’Keefe announce the lawsuit against CNN:): Project Veritas/Youtube

Sources: The GateWay Pundit, Fox News

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