Tucker Carlson Makes Dire Plea: Do NOT Let Them Get Their Way! [VIDEO]


One thing that I like about Tucker Carlson is that he is one of the few people that are willing to speak his mind. I mean REALLY speak his mind.

Look at what is happening and has been happening to Fox News in the past few months. They have become almost a shell of what they have been for many years. Not Tucker Carlson.

He has stuck to his guns and provided everyone with his beliefs and has been telling people exactly how it is. He is one of the few people that is still siding with the truth. He is a brilliant student of history and has been seeing the warning signs from the past and that we have been ignoring. Hopefully, more people listen to him before it is too late.

On Nov. 22, 1963, Lee Harvey Oswald murdered the president of the United States. There are a lot of questions about what happened, but there was never any question about who Lee Harvey Oswald was.

Oswald was a passionate and committed Communist. In 1959, he gave up his American passport and defected to the Soviet Union. There, he married a Russian woman and lived in Minsk. Three years later, he returned to this country and immediately began attending rallies in support of Fidel Castro. In the fall of 1963, Oswald traveled to Mexico City and met with KGB agents there. A few months before in Dallas, he had tried to murder Gen. Edwin Walker because Walker had given speeches attacking Communism.

The article goes on to state the following:

Lee Harvey Oswald never hid his politics, not for a moment. He talked incessantly about Communism to anyone who would listen. And yet many Americans never really understood what Lee Harvey Oswald believed, because news outlets didn’t tell them. Instead, almost immediately, the media began spinning a very different story. President Kennedy, they suggested, had been murdered by conservatives, possibly by conservatism itself, “by hate,” as they often put it.

Carlson pointed out that the media repeatedly pushed the narrative that “right-wingers” had killed Kennedy, along with blaming the assassination on “Barry Goldwater and extremists on the right.”  Their false propaganda paid off – the following year, Goldwater lost the presidential election to Democrat Lyndon Johnson.

WATCH Carlson’s powerful monologue below:

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