An OnlyFans Model Held A Plastic Surgery Contest, Then She Changed The Rules When She…


To celebrate reaching 3 million followers on her Instagram account, Karely Ruiz, the Mexican OnlyFans model, chose to gift a free liposuction procedure to one of her social media fans on May 18.

What happened next went viral in a way she probably never expected.

“Since I already have 3 million followers on Instagram and they’ve already verified me, I’m going to give away a lipo for all my precious beautiful girls so you guys can look really hot,” Ruiz said on TikTok. “I’ll leave it here, comment if you’ve (not) already done that.”

Karely uploaded a video to TikTok explaining to her followers that she was celebrating because she reached three million followers and his account had been officially verified. To celebrate in a big way, she offered to give away a liposuction so that her followers could obtain an impact silhouette, worthy of a sea mermaid.

However, the gift had slight changes and far from helping someone obtain an aesthetic figure, it ended up giving a young man fighting cancer a chance at life.

To get this gift, her followers had to comment on the video and let her know that they wanted liposuction. However, one of her followers, identified as @Gaviotagaviota on TikTok, took advantage of her moment to ask her for a very different gift: chemotherapy for her son suffering from cancer.

Her son, Sebastián Herrera, 17, is fighting a condition called Ewing’s sarcoma, which is a rare type of cancer.

Here’s what Sebastián Herrera’s mother wrote in response to Karely’s promotion:

“Karely, I don’t want (a) lipo. I want you to give me a chemo for my son Sebas, who is 17 years old, and I will take him to (Monterrey) for his treatment. We are from Torreón.” 

Karely was committed to helping the boy, so she replied, “And we’ll give it to him.”

More details of this heartwarming story from AWM:

Herrera’s cancer occurs in the bone and soft tissue surrounding the bones. It is very rare, but when it does occur, the evil disease most often attacks children and teens, making Herrara its ideal victim.

Ruiz saw a way she could help a young man fight cancer. Instead of giving away a liposuction procedure to one of her many female fans, she wanted to help Herrera get the treatment he needed, so he could live another day.

“It’s an opportunity for Sebastián. He wants to live,” his mother wrote on TikTok.

While taking a break from her busy modeling career, Ruiz traveled to visit Herrera and his mother on May 26, 2022. While standing with Herrara and his family, Ruiz promised she would pay for the teen’s remaining four treatments which cost $19,000.

Then, she took the teen to the mall and treated him on a shopping spree. Herrara walked away with a brand-new Nintendo Switch and a PlayStation 5.

The acts of the OnlyFans model proved that her beauty goes beyond her physique and that her heart is full of kindness, something that her followers and Internet users from different parts of the planet have applauded in a big way.

Source: AWM

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