Chicago’s Mayor Is Being SUED For Refusing White Interviews!


Thomas Catenacci and his employer, the Daily Caller News Foundation, argue in the lawsuit that Lightfoot violated their First Amendment rights and Catenacci’s right to equal protection by not responding to an interview request on the day of her second anniversary in office or in the days that followed. The suit was filed Thursday in federal court in Chicago by the conservative organization Judicial Watch.

Judicial Watch sued Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot on behalf of The Daily Caller on Thursday after she denied reporter Thomas Catenacci an interview because he was white.

Last week, Lightfoot proclaimed her anti-racist stance. She proudly claimed that she would publicly discriminate against white media, only allowing interviews with “black and brown” reporters.

Later on, she justified her policy.

Claiming that as a black lesbian Democrat, she is permitted to exclude whites. After proposing an anti-white racist plan to only allow “black and brown” reporters to interview her about her two-year anniversary in office, Lightfoot has faced outrage. In protest, at least one Latino reporter who had been granted an interview has canceled. Rather than admitting she’s a racist and changing her ways, Lightfoot stuck to her guns and maintained her discriminatory interview procedure.

“As a woman of color, as a lesbian, it’s important to me that diversity is put front and center,” Lightfoot said.

Diversity = no whites allowed

According to FOX News, conservative watchdog Judicial Watch has filed a lawsuit against Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, D., on behalf of the Daily Caller News Foundation, for her policy of only providing interviews to non-White journalists.

Lightfoot allegedly violated reporter Thomas Catenacci’s equal protection rights under the Fourteenth Amendment, as well as his First Amendment rights, according to the lawsuit, which was filed in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, Eastern Division.

Lightfoot made headlines earlier this month when she stated that on the two-year anniversary of her elections; she would only give one-on-one interviews to Black and Brown reporters, chastising the Chicago media for its “overwhelming Whiteness.”

Catenacci said in a statement, “Preventing journalists from doing our jobs in such a blatantly discriminatory way is wrong and does a disservice to our readers who come from all backgrounds,” “Every journalist and every person who consumes the news should be concerned by Mayor Lightfoot’s actions. This affects everyone. I look forward to holding the mayor accountable.”

Gregory Pratt, a Latino writer for the Chicago Tribune, canceled an interview with Lightfoot because of her policy, which was criticized for discriminating in the name of progressivism.

A request for comment to Lightfoot’s office was not returned.

Catenacci sent Lightfoot emails on May 20, May 21, and May 24 demanding interviews on her administration’s attempts to vaccinate Chicagoans and other coronavirus issues, according to the lawsuit filed with the judiciary. According to her own stated policy, Lightfoot “purposefully discriminated” against Catenacci because of his color, according to the lawsuit.

Last week, Lightfoot was interviewed by White MSNBC reporter Stephanie Ruhle, raising questions about whether she was reserving her race-based policy for solely local journalists. Catenacci is a “national correspondent” who covers the economy, politics, and labor issues, according to the lawsuit.

Lightfoot must accept Catenacci’s interview request and pay any attorneys’ fees and litigation costs, according to the lawsuit.

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